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In the "prestigious" districts of Moscow sold less than half of apartments business class

From the beginning, the geography of offers of new buildings of Moscow business class has changed markedly, noted the experts of "Metrium". Almost twice increased the number of apartments in SEAD, whereas in the districts, traditionally considered to be "prestigious" (SZAO, ZAO, SWAD and CAO), the choice of the buyer is dramatically reduced, and their share was 45%, although in the early years it exceeded 50%.

In may residential market of business-class in Moscow was represented 97 residential complexes, which sold 12.5 thousand apartments, estimated by experts "Metrium". Most of such housing could be found in the Western AO (19% of the total number of apartments in this segment of the market). In second place was suddenly in South-East sa, where the supply of new housing business class has historically been extremely low. Its share increased to 16%. In third place in the district, also largely associated with new buildings comfort class – of the South, JSC (15%). The "prestigious" North-West, JSC in terms of the proposal took only the fourth position, but almost as many apartments business class in North sa (about 13%). Another 10% of which was exhibited in the North-East sa. The two more "prestigious" districts (southwestern and Central) accounted for only 6% of apartments business class. Was less only in the Eastern AO (1%).

Thus, the geography of the market of new buildings business class just so happened that in the districts that were traditionally considered "prestigious" in the market of housing capital (SZAO, ZAO, SWAD and CAO), it represented only 45% of the apartments, whereas in other locations the proportion of new buildings business class exceeded 55% (SEAD, southern administrative district, CAO, NEAD, HLW). Meanwhile, in early 2020, the ratio was different: 51% were for "prestigious" and 49% – the rest.

Since the proposal of the new business-class in Moscow has noticeably decreased (by 12%). The prevalence of this trend has affected just the "prestigious" CJSC (-32%) and ZAO (-27%) and SWAD (-14%). This dramatically (43%) increased the number of apartments sold in SEAD.

"with the development of the urban environment of entire Metropolitan areas were changing, and in the foreground not historically caused by the prestige, and more tangible factors, – says Larisa Shvetsov, General Director of the company "river Park". For example, a fresh look builders and buyers have looked at the Nagatinsky Zaton district in the South, in the bend of the Moscow river. Locations with similar specific characteristics, not far from the city centre traditionally have a high status and, as a rule, have been built up. We had the opportunity to build "from scratch" and fully disclosed the potential of the project. In the urban quarter of "Mladost" has its own 1.5-kilometer embankment, the houses are built on the first line from the river, from the Windows and terraces opening the spectacular views of the water. Similar benefits are available only in a few modern buildings, and such housing can be considered an exclusive product".

"the Changing geography of supply of new buildings business class indicates a reassessment both buyers and developers the concept of "prestige" – says Maria Litinetskaya, managing partner of the company "Metrium" (a participant in the affiliate network of CBRE). – If 10-15 years ago conditional to the East of Moscow was associated exclusively with zones, thanks to the program of improvement, development of social infrastructure and the active development of territories of former enterprises of the Eastern district became a zone of active gentrification. Here appear relevant, in fact, projects of new buildings business class, no way inferior to the projects in this class in other districts. From this point of view it is necessary to revise long-outdated stereotypes about the geography of high-budget housing in Moscow".