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The Council of Ministers of Belarus has established categories of state has the priority right to rental housing

In Belarus approved category of state employees with the priority right to rental housing. This is stated in the decree of the Council of Ministers of 12 June 2020 No. 339, which was officially published on June 13 on the National legal Internet portal, the correspondent of Agency "Minsk-news".

According to the government decision, extended the list of categories of social workers who have the priority right to rental housing municipal housing Fund.

seeking rental housing in the first place

the list includes coaches of the sport the specialized educational and sports institutions, secondary schools, schools of Olympic reserve, coaches of the national teams of Belarus on sports.

the document Also speaks about medical, pedagogical, creative workers, and cultural workers who have signed a contract for a period of 5 years. Apply for housing as a priority, these categories of employees may in case of confirmation of the needs of the specialist heads of departments of regional Executive committees, Minsk city Executive Committee, city, district Executive committees and local administrations of the districts in the cities, exercising the state powers in the areas of health, education, culture.

As specified in the resolution, the procedure for confirming the need for specialists is determined by the regional Executive committees, Minsk city Executive Committee.

Also, the list includes medical and pedagogical workers of establishments of social service, which is stationary setobscurevalue; healthcare organizations that provide palliative care in stationary conditions.

the Decision comes into force after its official publication.