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What is an urban Villa and where to buy it in Moscow

The Growth of megacities is practically left in the city space suitable for country life size. However, where possible, in recent years, Moscow developers are creating urban villas is a new type of premium accommodation. On the example of projects of this type in Moscow, the experts of "Metrium" talk about the urban-villas and explain the differences with related formats of housing.

Villa Urbana

a Clear definition of the concept of "urban Villa" neither in Russian nor in English is not yet formed. In Europe this name is often worn in Western countries, and this is no accident – story urban villas is rooted in the era of Ancient Rome, and consist of the name of the word – in Latin. At the same time formed the main features of this housing format, which to this day distinguish it from other types of luxury and premium buildings.

the Villas are traditionally called estates of the Roman nobility, and often from the rich Romans were not one, but two villas. Being both landowners and community leaders (officials, military, politicians, writers), they were forced to live in two houses. In rural areas on their lands the nobility of built country Villa (lat. villa rustica), and in Rome or other administrative center of the Empire – an urban Villa (lat. villa urbana).

in Fact, today the main essence of urban-villas is also reflected is the city Villa high-budget segment of the housing market. Among the key features of this format is a special target audience, location, architectural solutions and infrastructure development.

Target audience

urban-house – living is focused on one wealthy family. This is the format of big-budget real estate, because I could afford to buy or maintain an individual home in the metropolis today can mostly only upper class people. This is the difference between an urban Villa from the similar format of housing – townhouses, which can be represented in the mass segment, and often these facilities are located outside the Moscow ring road.

In Moscow, there are seven projects of new buildings, in varying degrees, close to the parameters of urban-villas. Six of them belong to the premium class and one for elite. The average cost per square meter in these new buildings is 737 thousand. The high cost of urban-villas determines not only the potential audience of the product, but also the location.


Villa – it was originally a suburban type of housing, so even if it is in the city limits, you should not lose the attractiveness of the natural environment. That is why urban villas are usually located in a good natural area in the city, whereas townhouses may form an ordinary city block, nothing stands out for the level of landscaping, the presence of parks or large adjacent areas.

For example, the urban Villa project premium Spires are in the West of Moscow in the Valley of the river Setun is a huge forest Park with an area of 169 ha. While a short drive away at Nezhinskaya street, you can reach Kutuzovsky prospect, that is, in spite of the natural environment, urban villas is conveniently located relative to the centres of business activity in the city.

a little further from the centre is implementing the project "Bank of the capital: the houses in Serebryany Bor" (SZAO). The complex of urban-villas and detached houses located on an island on the banks of the Moscow river. Built next to the complex of urban-villas River Residence (JCSC) with a similar concept and draft Tweed Park (CJSC) in the natural Park Pokrovskoe-Streshnevo.

urban villas can be far from natural spaces the center of Moscow, as, for example, Eight Yards project in Khamovniki (CAO). However, in this case should be "compensation", for example, in the form of a private (closed from outside) of the square, Park or garden. For example, in Eight Yards provided on site English garden.


urban villas have certain architectural features. As a rule, they differ in a large area (from 250 sq. m.), which almost always means the presence of at least two floors.

the Second and subsequent floors of an urban Villa often has a terrace that unites the villas of the Roman era, the holders of which loved exit to open space with great visibility. For example, in urban villas the urban Spires of residences have a terrace on the third floor. Their area will vary from 12 sq m to 13 sq. m. And terrace of urban-villas separated from each other by a decorative wall, so that privacy of the residents will not be violated.

it follows another feature of urban-villas. As with townhouses, such houses can be a semi-detached building, that is, the Villa has a common wall with a neighboring. But each should be a separate entrance for the other types of houses semi-detached buildings (for example, duplexes) do not have. For example, in the club house Buon’ Apart (CAO) two sections of the building is a three level townhouse with a private entrance, an attic floor and a terrace. In the complex there are apartments (with one or two levels).

however, the urban-villas can be detached mansions. For example, in the complex of Cameo (CAO), in addition to the ten 3-story and six 2-storey villas in the sale is a "Grand Villa". Free-standing mansions along with townhouses, is included in the draft River Residence. In other words, urban-Villa should be the individual living space (from the inlet to the terrace), but architecturally it may be part of a complex of buildings.


Finally, the last important feature of urban-villas – is having its own adjacent space, closed from the outside world. For example, urban-villas in the complex Spires will be like the front yard with a lawn (front yard) where you can Park your car and backyard (backyard), which is fenced from the outside world patio and mini-garden where you can spend time with family or enjoy Breakfast outdoors. And at Eight Yards patio will be located near the entrance to a household.

If the scale of the development does not provide every urban Villa has private grounds, the complex can be built in the style of urban village (from the English. "city village"). In this case, all the internal space of the complex is closed from the outside world, and its territory settling in the style of a Park, square or garden. Examples of such decisions – Cameo and Tweed Park.

"in fact, the urban Villa is a large individual home ownership high class, designed for one family within a large city, – summarizes Anna Radzhabova, the Director of the office of real estate company "Metrium Premium" (member of the affiliate network of CBRE). – From an architectural point of view, it may have the appearance of the mansion, townhouse, or even a section in an apartment house. However, the integral part should be a separate entrance, private driveway, private terraces or roofs. All of this surrounds either natural or artificially created space reminiscent of the countryside. Today such objects in Moscow can be counted on one hand – by definition this is an exclusive product".