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80-year-old Italian farmer finally graduate from middle school

Naples Slavonic 18.06.2020 at 13:04

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80-year-old Antonio Pugliese, who soon will be 81 years old, feels confident before receiving a high school diploma along with 14-year-olds.

"Everything went well," he told a local newspaper after passing the first exam on Monday. "I wrote a half page essay on any subject by telling a story of life in the field."

How many agricultural workers in the coastal area of Puglia, Pugliese began working on the farm when his father left home to fight in world war II. At the age of six years he began to Wake up at 4 am every day – a habit he continues today to work in the field and to feed the family. But his schooling was interrupted before he could finish high school. (Writes

the Pensioner has six children and nine grandchildren, whom he taught to work the land. After Pugliese became involved in a local project, helping the students to grow plants, his son Vincenzo suggested that the father can return to school to get your Ged.

Exams male ends on Wednesday. He feels confident.

Natalia Odarchenko

for "Naples Slavic"