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Venice: residents organized the first after quarantine protest against tourism

Naples Slavonic 19.06.2020 at 06:32

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Tourists and visitors finally come back to Venice , the fabulous city on the water, but many Venetians still against the return of the "roaring suitcases."

In Venice was the first after the quarantine protest. Local people acted under the slogan "Venice of fu-tourist," which can be translated as "Venice was a tourist" to draw attention to the problem of flow of funds to the city. According to the protesters, after the epidemic, the city is almost extinct, because there are no tourists, according to with reference to the channel "NTV".

the Venetians consider that the entire economy here is built in the city, but Venice itself has become a town-Museum and a "theme Park for rich tourists." "But Venice is much more than tourism. There are many young people who were born here or studied here and who want to remain here to build their future and the future of the city", — said one of the organizers of the protest March Sottoriva.

According to her, this will only be possible when the city will abandon the monoculture of tourism and stop the speculators, who turned the house in hotels and hostels for visitors. Supported the protest and Director of the Foundation of the Venetian museums Gabriella Belli. In her opinion, tourists don't need to cut — it needs more competently to organize.

Italy opened its borders for tourists on 3 June. Authorities also canceled a two-week quarantine upon entry into the country for residents of the 26 States of the European Union, the four countries of the Schengen area, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland, and the United Kingdom, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino and Vatican city.