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What to do if Catalina macOS does not see the iPhone or iPad?

Entertainment 21.06.2020 at 01:10

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MacOS 10.15 Apple decided to abandon iTunes. He was replaced by three separate programs, a data sync function took on the Finder application. However, as noted users, in some cases macOS Catalina does not see the connected iPhone and iPad. To ask this problem at first in several ways.

the Most simple advice near you detect any problems with connecting mobile devices to a computer is besprotsentno to reconnect the gadget. Can also help the handling of the cable or re-download devices. However, if this does not help, it is permissible to try to solve the problem in other ways.

Proekzamenovat settings of connected devices

In rare cases, the connected device can not be displayed in the Finder from behind shot "ticks" in the settings. You may control it as follows:

Reported in the menu bar in the Finder Settings.

In the dialog to be transferred in section of the Side card.

Check box is selected in the opposite point "CDs, DVDs and iOS devices".

Branding for reviews in the cache, namely, the wrong display settings are the most frequent cause, with which macOS Catalina unimportant (=unimportant) sees the connected iPhone otherwise iPad.

Restarting Finder and re-enable an iPhone or iPad

About any problems with the connection (God) told me to try to restart the bargain, pre-unplugging from the computer is disconnected ahead the iPhone or iPad.

In (avoiding a restart of the Finder, don't just click here the Option key, to remove, right-click exactly on the Finder icon take the dock bar and pull the point to Restart. Then re-run the application again and it remains only to connect the mobile device to the computer.

to Pull the settings file Finder

every One of the radical solutions to problems with connected devices is dropping the Finder preferences. To do this:

to Detect the Finder. To the directory bar to navigate the Transformation to the folder.

In the opened window to vpryskivat ~/Library/Preferences/ really ~/Library/Preferences/ and take the button to Cross. In the opened folder to dig out the file and drag it to the Trash.

to Restart addenda Finder.

After these manipulations, all the settings in Finder will be reset and the cover is automatically replaced by Nate "new".