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New sale on 22 June, part 2

Club KIT - Community - Contacts 21.06.2020 at 19:33

Community of people, practicing the use of eniomodulyatorov Laboratory Infotekh

Upgrade sales of 22 June, part 2 (individual and with the external nebolshim marriage)

the Sale - this opportunity to purchase unimodularly Infotech at a significant discount to hotel guests and club members

In the sale received a brand new EM which nobody used. It can be unimodularly:

without marriage, but from earlier collections in terms of external design or with a slight foreign marriage (which marriage we specify), but also new. Modulators with an external marriage sometimes require a more careful treatment (for example, to exclude the influence of moisture).

►Used EM in a sale is not forthcoming, they must be disposed of

Remember that:

for full club members KIT discount sale summed up with club discount for partners of our online shop - with their Commission of 10% If the discount for the sale established in the amount of 50%, with any reductions it is not cumulative.

Unimodularity without the top laminate.

to Any way do not expose to moisture!

they are best worn either in a specially sewn fabric pocket (possible options that depend on your ingenuity).


EM KIT-4 yellow - 7 pieces

WHALES-4 - yellow - 7 pieces - final price is 750 rubles.


EM Tigris indiv. - 3 pieces - without the top laminate

Tigrica ind. - without top laminate

lime - 2 PCs. (without picture on the back)

- ocean waves - 1 (without pictures on the back)

the Final price of 750 rubles. ___________________________________

EM breeze - 12 pieces - without the top laminate

Final price 1150 rubles.

1 thing

Final price 1150 rubles.

do Not expose to moisture.

the Pocket is attached. Unimodularity with minor marriage

Nymph invdividually - 1 PCs. - discount 630,0 R.

Nymphs of the Indian blue - 1 PCs. - discount 630 rubles from the base price

Marriage of a seal between the first and second letters - dark blue speck.

Discounts on this Nymph cumulative discounts D. member of the club and fees partners shop

the breeze-With - 2pcs - discount 924,0 R. from the base price (3780,0 p.)

Marriage is like a little residue, but do not stick, they are almost not visible

the Laminate top is


uh Fairy

Fairy - 3 piece - discount 35KE= 1470,0 RUB from the base price (6300,0)

Marriage is an allusion to the delamination of the laminate side, left front side.

3 pieces of 6 - color front side is a little darker than the picture. Summed-up discount discounts D. member of the club and fees partners shop

read more About Fairy

Individual without marriage

Tigris ind. light green and dark green - 2 pieces. discount 504 rubles from the base price (2520,0)

Without marriage, the Discount is summed up.


KIT-4 pink - 1 PC

Marriage - pale between yellow and pink. Nothing more!

Discount 504,0 RUB from the base price (2520,0)

Jaguar – 1 item - 50% discount from the base price 3780,0 R.

Final price 1890,0 RUB

Marriage looks a little shabby, and everything is in order - reserved (Irina P)



Marriage came under the laminate an air bubble, almost not visible unless you really try and rotate in different directions.

50% Discount, the final price 1890,0 RUB

Tigris wall - 3 PCs.

Marriage along the right edge (from the edge of 2 cm), narrow, almost imperceptible vertical light strip of width of about 1-2 mm.

Discount 15KE=630,0 R. from the base price.

the Discount is summed up.

Nymph wall - 1 piece discount 630,0 R.

Marriage of a minor marriage print in the lower right corner (or something got under the laminate is not very clear)

If you look at the picture, it can be seen.


Nymph wall

1 thing (this photo is not very good, maybe I was doing tonight)

Marriage is the right of the flower closer to the edge of the marriage print - black strokes (one is fatter, two thin).


Final price 1260,0 RUB

Reserved (Irina P)

Owl - the previous collection design in white frame

Owl No. 10 (Shy) – 1 piece 50% discount from the base price (12600,0).

Final price 6300,0

Marriage of a slightly wavy surface.

the Owl No. 11 (SLI) – 2 PCs,

50% Discount from basic prices (12600,0)

Final price 6300,0

Slightly wavy surface.

Marriage of a small samarost (seen in the photo).

50% Discounts! from the base (12600,0 R)

Final price was 6300 RUB.

Sail No. 14 - 1 PC.

clipper Amsterdam.

Marriage - to the left of the sails of the black spot (the printer is naughty), seen in the photo.

50% Discounts!Final price - 12600,0/2 = 6300 RUB.

Applications for modulators of the sale can be left on this page.

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