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S&P confirmed the rating of IC "freedom Finance" at In-/In press releases 23.06.2020 at 16:35

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International rating Agency S&P Global Ratings has affirmed the ratings of Russian and Kazakh divisions Freedom Holding Corp. at the level of b-/b with stable Outlook.

the reasons for its decision experts one of the three leading rating agencies have called the significant increase in demand for brokerage services in Russia, which, in their opinion, led to improved capacity of the holding generating a profit.

Analysts S&P Global Ratings indicate that over the past 12 months the focus of the business development of the holding is shifting its Russian unit IR "freedom Finance", which captures the significant increase in customer base and volume of transactions on the Russian market. In a research note to decision of the expert admitted that the forecast S&P Global Ratings rating of the holding can be improved. To improve the Outlook for Freedom Holding Corp. must continue to demonstrate stable performance funding and liquidity while maintaining a RAC ratio far above 5%.

"the rating Confirmation S&P Global Ratings for Freedom Holding Corp. we appreciate how very important event and, above all, as recognition of stable development of our business in the right direction. Challenging for the entire global economy — the beginning of 2020 Freedom Holding Corp. not only no casualties, but continued to improve their results. The holding continues to be stable funding and liquidity, all key ratios are maintained at the required level. We see growing interest in our company on the part of Western investment funds that increase positions in the securities of the FRHC. Today Freedom Holding is one of the few domestic companies listed on Nasdaq", — commented the head of Freedom Holding Corp. Timur Turlov.

on March IR "freedom Finance" recorded the highest in its history, the growth of the customer base in June, the holding's capitalization on the Nasdaq exceeded $1 billion IR "freedom Finance" held steady in the top ten rankings of Mosuri in the number of registered customers. This result confirms the stability of the business Freedom Holding Corp. manifestations of the crisis, but also demonstrates the attractiveness of its unique products to private investors.

S&P Global Ratings has assigned a rating of Freedom Holding Corp. in July 2019. According to the ranking of S&P, in the category of b-/b are the companies that have the ability to fully meet its financial obligations to customers and counterparties. For the former Soviet Union ratings at the level of b-/b are the most common and reference in the segment of financial services.


OOO IC "freedom Finance" — investment company, is part of an international public holding company Freedom Holding Corp., financial services in seven countries. Holding's shares are traded on the Nasdaq under the Ticker FRHC. Operation Freedom Holding Corp. is regulated by CySEC under the securities and exchange Commission (SEC, USA).

the S&P (Standard&Poor;'s) – service credit ratings, is among the three most influential rating agencies, alongside Moody's and Fitch.