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Review of the film "7500" Reviews 23.06.2020 at 15:09

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The co-pilot of the passenger plane Tobias Ellis during a flight from Berlin to Paris is forced to confront terrorists at the height of 9000 meters.

In "7500" student of Michael Haneke, the Oscar nominee and Cannes winner Patrick Vollert continues the tradition of the left German cinema, devoted to the protection of migrants. In the center of the story, his Hollywood debut — an American pilot Tobias Ellis. On the flight "Berlin – Paris" Ellis work: captain-German flight attendant-Turkish (part-time civil wife of the protagonist) and the employee staff of unknown nationality, perfectly speaking in German and English. Aims this miniature Council of the United Nations in order to safely deliver passengers from one European capital to another. All would be nothing if peace among tourists not wormed four terrorists who want to bring down the wrath of Allah on the heads of the infidels.

the Main advantage of "7500" is probably performing a major role Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The American, who replaced at the stage of preproduction of This Floor, there is only a modicum of a remarkable artist. Gordon-Levitt, the last time I really played in a big movie in 2016, "Snowden" by Oliver stone was obviously taken to cast for future international sales. The film in General looks like an attempt to squeeze a little blood on all fronts. Caressed by the awards Wallart probably methyl in the competition of the big three and a good camp. Alas, his useless political Manifesto not too successfully working in the Thriller genre. If the picture and causes something to shrink, at least for ten minutes — right after the attempted seizure of the cockpit when really scared that something really terrible. Awful happens, morally at the same time having the viewer and leaving it for another hour passively observe what is happening on the screen drag.

the Main problem of "7500" is not even in the pronunciation of the obvious things, and in the intonation with which they are served to the viewer. The idea that none of our secondary characteristics, be it skin color, nationality, language etc. – not determined our position on the moral scale, would sound much more convincing, don't juggle characters with them in every sentence. Here is the main character to be alone with the last surviving terrorist, as they immediately start a conversation – who hails from and where he lives. This method, according to which it should be possible to focus on the fact that, in theory, no matter looks, to put it mildly, strange. In addition, Patrick Vollert manifests itself as a not too competent manipulator. And well, God be with him manipulyatorstvo when committed with tzarovsk Shine when cutting off the legs of the ducklings and the murder of children hiding a Grand metaphor and a spectacular grin artist. Here, the Director throws at the viewer of the terrible vulgarity of the series "look, a terrorist, too, have a mother, and he also wants to live and home." I must admit, from the person in the biography of which featured the line "disciple of Michael Haneke", waiting, in General, something more compelling than ordinary morality that not every migrant wants to blow up a supermarket or hijack a plane.

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