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Guru knocked the markets. Our website began even Gyrfalcons.

Club traders sMart-Lab. We make money on the exchange. 24.06.2020 at 23:02

Club traders sMart-Lab. We make money on the exchange. / RSS channel

All the main gurus of the market see ahead of the collapse.

Krechetov loach purchased on the market in February-March and former bull half a year and he not only gave his shares back in early June, but for the first time in half a year opened a short just before the holidays on the RTS. From his blog:

the Shorts really looked dumb at the time of its opening. But the next day we saw minus 7% oil and -3,5% for the SP500, although they were a little off to closing. The conversations are mainly about the fall 5-10%.

As is known in the market can't all be right. And it seems to me that the market will go to the second floor. And when the mountains will get their "correction to growth" we get a full-blown market collapse, which was in 2008.

RTS fall not even 900, and below the March Loew. And there is money will lose the most. Even the most Hur. One of them will remain in positive territory at the end of this collapse. Write your version.