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Janina pizza in 2 versions

Cooking recipes for the whole family 25.06.2020 at 18:58

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Now get up close and personal with our artisan culinary arts, with Yana! This time she sent me a pizza recipe that can be made in 2 variants. In this photo, meat products sliced in neat triangles, and in the next photo, the salami is already laid out in the form of long strips. But, however let's get a move on!

the ingredients for the pizza: puff Puff dough (firm "house of Bread") – layer 1 (250 g) salami – 150 g Canned mushrooms from the jar – 250 g Tomatoes – 150 g Tomato paste – 7 tbsp. Cheese – 150 g

the Process of preparation:

Thaw the crust and roll it out on a whole area of the pan with a Thin layer of dough spread with tomato paste and salami Cut into thin strips (thickness 2 mm, width of 3 cm and a length of 0.7 cm) and beautifully spread out on the surface of the dough Slice the tomatoes thin slices and put them between the sticks sausage Mushrooms will ralogie in the unfilled intervals (large can be cut into slices) Generously sprinkle the entire surface of the future of the pizza with grated cheese (optional, can increase amount of cheese) Put the pan in a pre heated oven 170 degrees for 20 minutes

Hot pizza is not! Wait for it to cool!

Bon appetit!

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