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Disease of dirty hands

Brownie. News. All one tape 25.06.2020 at 18:41


With the onset of the hot summer of particular relevance is the problem of intestinal infections. It is well known the dysentery and salmonellosis, typhoid, hepatitis, foodborne diseases. And infection intestinal infections usually occurs while eating contaminated food, and water, which are intestinal bacteria. These bacteria can be brought into the mouth and dirty hands. Not coincidentally intestinal infection called "disease of dirty hands". But washing hands before eating and after using the bathroom is an important necessity because it is considered the main way of protecting the body from pathogens. This simple procedure of discharge of personal hygiene helps a person to protect yourself from many infectious diseases. What occur most often disease of dirty hands? How to treat them and how to avoid misfortune? We discussed with the specialist – the doctor-infektsionist Sergey Petrovich GULKO.