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All those dreams - all - popular 27.06.2020 at 03:07 80 years on the Internet

All these dreams

Haunting dreams turning into reality pugaysya...

How to get out of this confusion?

"I dreamed a dream — like graduated

from night to morning flight.

My light sleep by wing rocking,

like a jet plane.

He was confused of cards, mixed,

but their interfering with piecemeal,

reality is not outweighed,

and complements it by yourself.

In the end, with features of the invention

mixed reality features,

before me suddenly grew

the shimmer of this black.

Like a drawing of the earth, ruined

with a terrible guilt,

great cover charred

shimmering Grand piano in front of me.

the Piano was old, of the firm of Becker,

key, and his range

seemed thin edge of the shore,

and then black water.

And the shore was a neglected cemetery,

if the edge of it,

and there was under every klawiszem

grave sound one.

They have long been not remember,

what was flesh and soul

some festive Symphony,

some of the music is great.

They were lying here dead,

his recapture,

, its soldiers and colonels,

and even marshals it.

And a different, burned alive,

hardly remember

her last Adagio,

its tragic end.

But now, barely a funeral spravilsia,

not believing in your sunset,

again, a hand touched key

it's a mad musician.

And succumbing to temptation,

, they lined up in regiments,

again, obedient to the movement

his playing hands.

Forgetting that he was dead already,

under the canopy music sheet

they are for flutes and trumpets

habitually took place.

was a joyous prelude.

First, the pipes rattled copper.

Then went to rattle guns,

went the guns to rattle.

Then went to the line company,

rows of dense platoons,

line breaking music,

as the wire in five rows.

Then breakthrough they expanded,

and sang solemnly the metal.

But in some places already out of tune,

, and someone at the stroke did not fall.

more and more often they fell.

Already on the whole of the second part

spread the smell of carrion,

from the first part proaches.

And sweet smell of burnt wool,

when anxiety covering,

through part of the last, major,

went tragic motive.

the Motive premonitions, portents

the fact that I moved here,

as the theme of death and retribution

the theme of the last judgment.

End of the music and writhed,

at the end hardly ringing.

And soon where it ended,

lay the black earth.

And I didn't know her name –

what a land, what a country.

It may have been Germany,

maybe not she.

Like a drawing of the earth, ruined

with a terrible guilt,

great cover charred

shimmering Grand piano in front of me.

And I, prostrate in despair,

with longing and saw

however, as a musician obsessed

again, the piano came."

Y. Levitansky

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