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Quote #461827 27.06.2020 at 04:12

Book Runet


you do Not know how to correctly deal with the choice of furniture.

I have friends a month in the living room table selected. To choose the right customers to feel comfortable to sit down-to stand up to from the kitchen Irakly (crossed out) and of course I will submit it to the patio elegantly out with a glass, a cigar and a companion...

Special design I bought!

the Table - pricey (more expensive than all my cars), the order was made, the monolith is made of fine... In General, a month to choose and order. And when a month later they made a table and brought back, it turned out that he is in living room not included. No doors not included, nor through the Windows - not at all!

In General, a few years stood in the garage... maybe now there is.

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