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Well, that coronavirus does not go on trains

Only crocodiles will save this country from assholes! 28.06.2020 at 17:33

Only crocodiles will save this country from assholes! -

Photo: the reader "Fontanka"

last few days have been disturbing news from St. Petersburg. People complain about crowded commuter trains because of too much interval between them. As in many other cities of Russia, the timetable is here corrected, when he introduced the restrictive measures related to the coronavirus. Now the number of passengers increased, but the schedule remains the same.

Yesterday "Fontanka" reported that in the first half of the day at the "Yacht" had accumulated on the platform of the passengers were unable to Board the train in the direction of Sestroretsk:

"the Doors are still open, but inside even the hand was not to stick".

In the end, the people went to the booths to demand a refund for the ticket.

a Similar situation was repeated in the evening at the stations Kavgolovo, Toksovo and kuzmolovo. At these stations passengers tried to storm the crowded commuter train, but still to get in are not all.

it is worth noting that the Sestroretsk is a city which is part of St. Petersburg itself, to go to him about the same amount and to the same Kronstadt. And Kavgolovo station, Toksovo and kuzmolovo are in the immediate vicinity of the city (about 12-15 km from the border of St. Petersburg), we are talking about urban routes.

about the situation of the October railway said that the volume of traffic they are not responsible, and the authorities of the region. The St. Petersburg Committee on transport said the new timetable, which will increase the number of commuter trains on the routes under discussion. A specific timeline for when trains will start to go more often, officials are not named.

But this fact is not in, and not only in trains. Crowded during peak hours, urban transportation is a reality for many cities. Every day in Russia recorded about 7 thousand new cases of coronavirus (including more than seven hundred cases in Moscow and more than two hundred in St. Petersburg) in St. Petersburg over davidnyc beds for patients, and who has already sounded the alarm about the new wave of the pandemic.

What is the point everywhere to talk about masks, about gloves, about maintaining a safe distance between people if the officials are not able to put in order the urban transport, which is essential for the normal functioning of any major city? And if part of the missions weekend, you can still move (though not always), then go to work to cancel it will not turn out. In the current situation the transport has to go more often, it should be more than required by the passengers. Between the passenger must remain a safe distance.

But again we see the usual picture – crowded and slow actions of the officials, who could not assume that people in the heat can go outside the city, and now will have to deal with the coordination of their actions.

But the reaction rate is the key point, on which depend the lives of people.