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Zadolba!whether 29.06.2020 at 05:48

Angry look on the other side of the counter


Zadolbali Internet advertising, including mailings. No, not "I'll drop everything and get into your position", but still...

this is such a good game, don't want to stop (honestly, honestly) and so on. But why the email about the update I receive when I the day before yesterday all already updated and all (well, much time) changes have already been tried, so to speak, "to the tooth"?

Here, bought the book. I know when I "sell" (no offense) books by the same author, but why that one? I had already bought it.

He wrote the book. Posted. Well, "soared", but then sales picked up. But why my banners advertising my own book? Wife sits next to my laptop and the Internet, it is why we do not offer.

I understand that much. The need for advertising. Have been inevitable that "Big Brother is watching you." The costs of mass production of the same banners for...[zapikali] and IBD "responsible managers" who would only report someone invented indicators.

Are like the rain by the collar. Nothing to do, but frustrating and spoil the mood.

to appeal to developers, as I understand it, it is useless.


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