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A complete map of the sky from "Spectrum-RG". Why is it important

Habrahabr / Interesting / topical publications 29.06.2020 at 12:01

Interesting publishing of thematic hubs on habrahabr

Maybe I'm wrong, but the feeling that a momentous event in the extra-atmospheric astronomy, which occurred June 10, went virtually unnoticed. It's about the fact that the space of our flagship and the German astronomy — telescope "Spektr-RG" completed its first full scan of the entire sky.

will Try to fix it. To do this, I will try to explain in a nutshell what are the different telescopes, what is important to the world of science this unit and describe features of his work. Moreover, judging by the publications, past publications, the authors sometimes do not understand what the phrase means on its record of accuracy, attributing it generally to all the telescopes of similar range.

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