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Poll: three quarters of respondents did not support the "reset" timing

Radio Liberty 29.06.2020 at 10:56

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty is a private, non-profit information service funded by the U.S. Congress, broadcasting to the countries of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia and Middle East and Russia.

The proportion of Russians approving and not approving Vladimir Putin's proposal amendment of the Constitution, are approximately equal, but the amendment of the "zeroing" of presidential terms, three quarters of respondents are negative, according to published on Monday the results of a telephone survey of a group of sociologist Sergei Belanovsky. The shares intend to vote "for" and "against" the amendment is almost the same — respectively 28 and 32 percent. 60 percent of respondents stated their intention to participate in the vote. The amendment extends the powers of the President and the Russian authorities are ready to vote a minority of respondents. The only exception is the amendment about optional implementation by Russia of international treaties ("for" 64 percent). Other amendments in this category, approve from 41 to 19 percent of respondents. On average, this group of amendments "for" vote of 34 percent. However, "zeroing" the terms of the incumbent President are ready to vote, only 24 percent of respondents (76% against). Belanovsky is one of the researchers who managed to predict the protests of 2011-2012. Group * L in the period from 18 to 24 June 2020 held on the subject of the all-Russian sociological survey. The study was funded by voluntary contributions of Russian citizens, to whom the authors Express their deep gratitude. For the survey has been developed a formalized questionnaire, which consisted of two blocks. The first was devoted to the General attitude of respondents to the plebiscite, the second — relation to specific amendments. The second block consisted of 24 wording taken from the official text of the amendments and reduced to the form suitable for inclusion in the questionnaire. The survey was conducted by phone call center BCG Group. Room selection was carried out randomly. All were interviewed 1267 people. Voting for the amendments the main motives called "support all decisions of our President" — 48 percent, and "I like some of the amendments" — 40. Another 30 percent of the supporters of the amendments said that they support "nullification" of the timing of Putin. Voting against the amendments the main motives called "I don't like some of the amendments" — 63 percent, and "do not agree with the zeroing of time" — 58 percent. Among those who will not participate in the vote, 55 percent believe that the result is so predetermined, and 35 are boycotting the plebiscite. "Given that the proportion of participants of plebiscite voting "for" and "against" are approximately equal, the authorities would not be hard to ensure the majority of votes. However, to win a landslide victory will be more difficult as the segment "vs" very significant. Perhaps avoid the division of society should put the question on the need for "constitutional majority" to adopt the amendments. Although many of the participants of the plebiscite vote "for" the adoption of the entire package of amendments "reset" the timing and the extension of the powers of the President may not garner even a simple majority. In a separate vote, these amendments would not be adopted," the study says. The amendments were adopted on the initiative of President Vladimir Putin. One of them involves "zeroing" of his presidential terms, giving him the opportunity to remain head of state until 2036. Voting on amendments shall be held within weeks. Primary election day — July 1. He declared a public holiday. Turnout in the vote for 4 days, according to official data, amounted to 37.2 per cent. Just voted more than 40 million Russians, according to the CEC.