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Bright lipstick: 9 rules how to choose and wear

Article 29.06.2020 at 12:25

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All shades of wine, scarlet, strawberry, color is not ripe cherries and overripe mango, orange tangerine, fuchsia... Bright lipstick everywhere – on catwalks, red carpets, secular parties, in star beauty. Try?

1. If you are afraid of bright colors get used to them gradually. Start with lip gloss and gradually shunt thereto lipstick to lips day after day became more intense.

2. Systematically moisturize and otshelushivaet lips, bright makeup always attracts attention. Besides, if the skin of the lips scaly, lipstick falls unevenly, and saturated color makes visible all the flaws.

3. To make the color stay longer and my lips are not blurred, you can use silicone primer for lips (also it will prevent the leaking of lipstick lines around the lips).

4. If we cannot find a lip liner just exactly the same color as a bright lipstick or a gloss like transparent colorless. However, most makeup artists still prefer colored pencil. Moreover, it can be used not only to draw the outline, but to shade them from the lips (hold the pencil at an angle, the side of the stylus). Therefore, the color will get richer, and the makeup will be more durable.

5. On trend matte texture. But keep in mind: dark, matte lipstick visually slim and narrow lips. So if you want to make your lips look bigger, it seemed plumper – choose a bright, "berry" shades and a more creamy texture. If the lips are very narrow – better to use lipstick and gloss: shiny and translucent textures to visually enhance lips.

6. Choosing a shade of lipstick, focus on your complexion, skin tone and hair. Brunettes and dark haired women with fair skin makeup artists recommend to opt for a cold berry and wine shades. Take the example of Dita von Teese (Dita von Teese) , her choice of the shade of lipstick is always perfect! On tanned skin usually look better warmer shades. "The main rule cool colors usually are almost all (but especially brunettes), whereas warm look best on blondes and redheads. Also on the bright blondes usually look great in orange shades and a classic red", says Perdis Napoleon (Napoleon Perdis), Creator of his own make-up line and the famous Manhattan makeup artist among the permanent clients of which Hilary Duff (Hilary Duff), Evangeline Lilly ( Evangeline Lilly) and other stars.

7. Follow the harmony of lines: smooth, rounded eyebrows look harmoniously rounded contours of the lips. A more geometric eyebrows "require" is similar to the design of the lips.

8. The most capricious many makeup artists believe trendy this season, the orange shades: they are not for everyone. Tanned skin is very bright and too warm orange lipstick can look unnatural and even rude, fair-haired blondes also best to avoid very bright orange shades. Do not be lazy to try a variety of shades to choose your where to test lipstick need in different lighting conditions: the light bulbs orange can look very different than in natural light. And don't overdo the makeup. "When you wear orange lipstick, avoid bright shadows, of course, if you don't want to look in the 80s style," advises makeup artist of Inglessis Melania (Melanie Inglessis), working with Lea Michele (Lea Michele) and Olivia Wilde (Olivia Wilde). It is better to prefer natural, understated eye look. As a striking evening option with orange lipstick may well blend in to the black arrows or monochrome (black, grey, taupe) Smokey.

9. Always remember: bright lipstick attracts attention not only to lips but also to your teeth. So the smile has to be perfect and white! Visual effect: cold colors visually whiten the teeth, and the warm red and orange, in contrast, may emphasize their yellowness. "Be careful with these shades. Or not to worry, whiten teeth at the dentist," advises another stellar makeup artist Dimitri James (Dimitri James), the founder of the famous brand Skinn Cosmetics (USA).