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The Analysis Of Eckerty: fashionable trend or real benefits? themes of the day 28.06.2020 at 21:01

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Card from corn, the wild animals, bonuses for empotrable banks follow the fashionable policy of "green economy". How much it costs them customers?

the Demand for sustainability and conscious consumption is gaining momentum, and the banking sector is also not left aside. Almost all large banks are now developing the concept of "green banking", supporting environmental initiatives or launching "green" products. The easiest and most intuitive of these products, the Bank card. Using Ecocert banks try to attract customer interest in environmental issues, inviting them to participate in programmes for nature protection or just to make a choice in favor of conscious consumption.

will Understand what Ecocert exist today in the market and how profitable it is to use them.

"Give cashback Panda": "WWF" from Tinkoff Bank

Tinkoff Bank offers the customers to help nature, just paying for everyday purchases with the card "WWF" — a co-branded product of the Bank and the world wildlife Fund (WWF). 1% of the cost of each purchase, the Bank shall transfer to help wild animals and the restoration of the territories of their habitat. The card itself is also quite environmentally friendly — it is made of polylactide, a raw material for the production of which serve as sugar cane or corn. Polylactic acid is easily decomposed in the environment without poisoning her, and cards from him are just as strong and durable as regular plastic.

For the card, the client receives an electronic certificate of the "WWF" for the personal contribution from 900 rubles — icon pandas as a gift. Bonus from the Bank is free service card for the first six months.

Card "WWF" is a profitable — on account balance up to 300 thousand rubles the Bank pays 4% per annum, subject to the execution of card purchase in the amount of 3 000 rubles per month. Interest is calculated daily and paid to the date of the statement.

But cashback for "WWF" is not provided — benefit from purchases on the card is calculated, except that a plus sign in karma. The same 1% that is traditionally paid to the holders of other cards of Tinkoff Bank for purchases that are not included in the category of kesbeke on the map "WWF" is listed in the world wildlife Fund.

the rest of the tariffs for debit card "WWF" match rates in the rest of the "dubatovka" Bank card service is 99 roubles per month, SMS-informing is 59 rubles a month. To avoid paying a fee for the service card after the free period, you must do one of the following three conditions:

to keep in the Bank Deposit amount from 50 000 rubles; to have a valid loan in cash; to maintain the card account minimum balance of not less than 30,000 rubles for the accounting period.

the Conditions for the other operations is also standard for the Bank is:

the transfers to cards of other banks through the services of the Bank Tinkoff, up to 20 thousand rubles a month for free, more than — 1.5%, at least 30 rubles; free recharge with other cards, cash from ATMs, "Tinkoff" and up to 150 thousand rubles a month the partners; free cash withdrawals from 3 to 100 thousand rubles at any ATM worldwide, the ATM "Tinkoff" — of any amount up to 500 thousand rubles. Over limits — 2%, at least 90 rubles.

Thus, the tariffs for "WWF" about the tariffs of the flagship cards of the Bank "Tinkoff Black", the only difference in the bonus program. If by "Tinkoff Black" you can get up to 30% of kesbeke for purchases at partners of the Bank, 15% for spending in the selected categories and 1% on other purchases, then the holders of the "WWF" can only rely on cashback for purchases from partners. On the Bank's website States that this cashback you can also spend on charitable contributions to the Fund.

the site Also gives a calculation according to which the purchases on the card 40 thousand rubles per month contributions to the "WWF" for a year enough for the whole winter to feed one Sika deer. Detail is without a doubt moving, however, it is easy to calculate that for the same spending on the same "Tinkoff Black" the monthly income from the purchases according to the categories of kesbeke may exceed 400 rubles. And if you ask for sacrifice of cashback in favor of the animals, no one bothers to register yourself on the website of the Fund and transfer the accumulated bonus rubles as intended, thereby to feed not one, but even a few deer.

Feed the kitty: "Amur tiger" from agricultural Bank and "a Leopard Beri" from Gazprombank

the Program for the protection of the Amur tiger. The agricultural Bank in partnership with the Centre for the study and preservation of the Amur tiger population in 2014 produces maps of the Amur tiger. For the purchase of the cards, the Bank shall transfer to the center of 0,7% of the profits. Funds are allocated for anti-poaching and education activities in the society a caring attitude to nature. In six years, the Bank transferred to the centre "Amur tiger" in the order of 70 million roubles.

Debit card "Amur tiger" are available in roubles, U.S. dollars and euros on the basis of the payment systems MasterCard and "Peace." The fee for the first year of service card will not be charged, then 600 rubles a year. Cashback of and interest on the balance on the card is not charged, however, for purchases from program partners provide discounts and bonuses. Among the program partners — the network of drugstores "36,6" and "Gorzdrav", as well as retailers and chain stores across the country.

the Support of the National Park "Land of leopard". The purpose of the charitable program of upgrading and preserving the far Eastern leopard population, including the content of the sponsored Bank of leopardess behri living in the territory of the reserve "Land of leopard" in Primorsky Krai. For this purpose, the Bank shall transfer to the Fund of Social responsibility 1% of the amount of purchases paid by customers on the map, "the Leopardess Beri".

As the map of agricultural Bank, no special preferences for fans of "Leopardess Beri" is not provided, terms of service card is also not great. The card is issued for two years in rubles, US dollars and euros, the card service is free, but for the release and the planned re-issue will be charged a one-time Commission of 1 200 rubles. Early re-issuance of card due to loss / damage / loss PIN-costs 450 rubles, for other reasons — 200 rubles.

maps "Amur tiger" and "Leopard Beri" are neither profitable, nor even free, the main thrust of their use is in support of environmental programs.

Plant a tree. "Green World" from Mail Bank

Having issued the card Mail Bank "Green World", you can take part in the restoration of forest national parks in Russia. For every spent from the card 4 000 the Bank transfers the money to the planting of one tree. The program participant receives a personalised e-certificate, which shall include the gps coordinates of restored forests and the total number of trees planted.

Card "Green World" works on the basis of the payment system and specifically to open a savings account. On the balance of funds on account of accrued interest, and the rate depends on the tariff plan, within which the map is opened, and the balance of funds in the account.

account Balance





"Salary of the pensioner"

1 000-49 999,99 RUB. (incl.)





from 50 000 RUB. (for purchases in the amount of 10 000 RUB./month.)





from 50 000 RUB. (for purchases in the amount of 10 000 RUB./month.)





a Savings account is opened for free and edition card itself costs 500 rubles. The fee for the first year of service is charged, however from the second year service card also will cost 500 rubles. Rewards for purchases on the card is not charged, with the exception of kesbeke loyalty from partners of the payment system "World".

If you keep in the account for more than 50 thousand rubles and do not forget to make a card for 10 thousand rubles a month, "Green World" can serve as a good alternative to a Deposit account. The main disadvantage of the card — the presence of the Commission for annual service.

However, to participate in the restoration of the forest without a map and "Green World". Mail Bank, together with web platform (formerly invites all wishing to take part in the environmental program "give the forest another." To Board as a service and via the website Mail the Bank. For this you need to select the national Park or that is available for landscaping of the area, indicate the number of trees and to pay the landing. The project gives the opportunity not only to plant forest, but also to name it in honor of a loved one and also tell your friends about it via social networks.

"Buy with care about the world": "Green benefit" of home Credit Bank

Releasing "Green benefits", the Bank made a bid for the adherents of a healthy lifestyle, vegetarians and supporters of the ideas of nature protection. Ecological concept card is implemented on two levels: first, the card itself is manufactured of biodegradable plastic, and secondly, the maximum benefit at the map you can get for buying from "green" partners — companies that position themselves as producers and sellers of environmentally friendly goods and products.

However, even without the "environmental component" map looks quite competitive: free edition and maintenance, interest on the balance of cashback and favorable conditions of cash withdrawal.

the Income on the residue up to 300 thousand rubles is accrued at the rate of 4% per annum, and the excess amount at the rate of 2%. For any purchase paid base cashback 1% for purchases at partners — up to 10%. Unfortunately, for the period of a pandemic, the Bank has worsened the conditions of the bonus program: the map temporarily to earn points for online purchases in the categories of "food, cafes and restaurants", "Health & beauty", "consumer electronics", "Clothing", "consumer Goods", also suspended the connection of increased categories of accrual: "Clothing and shoes", "electronics", "health & Beauty", "Baby products". The remuneration is paid by points that can be converted to rubles at the rate of 1 point = 1 ruble.

With card-free to withdraw cash at ATMs and cash points of the Bank. In ATMs and cash points of other banks without a fee to withdraw money five times in the first month, then the Commission will be $ 100 for each transaction.

In comparison with other cards of the Bank "Green benefit" is second only to the classic "Benefits", which provides increased cashback in certain categories and a higher percentage on the remainder.

Ad unit "Comultimate" VTB

the Latest trend in "green" products joined VTB "Comultimate" appeared in the line of the Bank just this month. The new card is analogous to the classic "Multimap" VTB, however it is made from the same biodegradable plastic polylactide.

the Bank's Customers themselves can choose what material will be issued their card, but those who choose the map of polylactide, the Bank promises special incentives in the form of kesbeke and bonuses. Also eckartau the client will receive an electronic reminder which will indicate current addresses of separate waste collection and other tips on environmentally friendly behavior.

In General, "Comultimate" a little different from its classic version. It is also available in roubles, U.S. dollars and euros and are subject to the same rates and conditions of the loyalty program and "Multicarta". Although the message about the launch of the product, the Bank promises to holders of "Comultimate" additional "buns", in the terms of the bonus program they are not yet visible. The only significant difference is the presence of a fee for issuing the cards. For issuance of the card on plain plastic no Commission is charged, but the card of polylactide have to pay 99 rubles. The Bank explains this by the higher cost cards and promises to abolish the Commission immediately after the suppliers will reduce the cost of production of such cards.

purchase the map, depending on the selected bonus options are subject to cashback to 4% to 15% of kesbeke can be obtained for purchase at the Bank's partners.

In favor of the classic "Multimap" does the absence of a fee for the release, in favor of "Comultimate" — its "ecology". However, choosing between the desire to save and not to harm in this environment, you can stay on the third option and place digital "Multicard". It has no physical media and is issued free of charge. However, the rate of the Bank on sustainability to digital maps is not yet reached to issue such a card can only existing Bank customers who already have the normal map connected to the package "Multicarta".

is There any benefit?

If you start from specific numbers, special financial benefit to use of Ecocert no. Yield they are usually inferior to other cards of the same banks, in addition, contrary to expectations, are often paid.

as for the environmental side of the issue, it is also not so clear. Given the size of the plastic card and the expiration date, and the amount of household plastic that we throw away every day, the rejection of a plastic card — obviously not the first priority in combating environmental pollution. Much more environmentally friendly will be the full transition to the digital maps, especially if their design will be able to abandon paper document circulation.

on the other hand, co-branded "green" card can be seen as a convenient tool called "charity for the lazy": choosing them, you give up the possible benefits in the form of interest and kesbeke, but the Bank pays a percentage of your purchases to benefit conservation organizations.