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UFO researcher claims to have found on Mars ruins of ancient buildings

NEWS PLANET 29.06.2020 at 14:37

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A Similar conclusion was made famous virtual archaeologist Scott Waring, who recently studied the photographs of the surface of the red planet, according to the portal WWW.PLANETANOVOSTI.COM.

On the surface of Mars Waring found a strange structure which has the appearance of a man-made construction. All the walls are thoroughly connected to each other to form rooms of different size. This wall is very smooth. Ufologist sure that the ruins of the building, which he found can be reasonable small size.

the Researcher recalled that about ten years ago he managed to also on the surface of Mars to find a female figure of small size. It is estimated its size does not exceed 15 centimeters. He suggested that these creatures could build similar buildings of small size in which they once lived.

in addition, the Waring drew users ' attention to the fact that the walls have the same thickness. This could not be caused by natural phenomena. Ufologist believes this is the best proof that when-that on Mars there were intelligent life. Creatures that lived on the red planet was small in stature, which also managed to find the above evidence.

of Course, it is not clear how true this is, but all the explanations and arguments of the Waring looks quite plausible. If that is the case, then soon be able to find more evidence of the existence of life on Mars. Possibly it is today only represented by other species or creatures.