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KAMA TYRES: summer Viatti choose for your car

Samara - 29.06.2020 at 16:54

Urban site of the city of Samara

On the background of the pandemic, which greatly affected the economic situation, and has shifted the maintenance period and the growth of online demand, experts in the Tire business of Tatneft Group KAMA TYRES have shaped recommendations for the selection of summer tires to ensure a comfortable ride. Experts presented a series of tips for car owners on the example product brand Viatti.

the Primary choice criterion is the ratio of price and quality. You need to choose a reliable product with high consumer properties. In the future it will allow to reduce fuel consumption, improve handling and make the ride more comfortable.

moreover, you should pay attention to the technology that allows the tyres to cope with wet and damaged road surface. In the summer the lines Viatti technology VRF, through which they absorb shocks when overcoming disparities and confidently pass high-speed turns. Effective water expel from the contact patch with the road gives the Hydro Safe, which breaks the water film and quickly removes moisture through the wide longitudinal grooves.

Experts say that you shouldn't neglect the manufacturer's instructions of the vehicle. The discrepancy between the size of tires installed on the car adversely affects their performance online. Larger tires increases the load on the suspension and fuel consumption, and smaller reduces ground clearance of the car, i.e. the bottom may hit bumps in the road.

as for the pattern, it is recommended to select asymmetric options. They allow you to work efficiently as the outside of the tire to improve stability and controllability, and internal — to improve gripping properties under dynamic acceleration and braking.

of Course, regardless of the model, bus should ensure acoustic comfort, reliable grip with the road and good handling, to absorb shocks when overcoming disparities and also be wear resistant and have fuel economy.

"According to the analysis of sales for the first quarter, as expected increased shopping online that demonstrates how our own online store, and data partners. And constant leader of sales is a brand Viatti, — said acting Executive Director of the Trading house "Kama" Timur Sharipov. — We expect to maintain this trend: the buyer chooses the model of rational consumption, where the ratio of price and quality becomes a key motive for the purchase, and the online format, even the traditional purchases of goods for physical outlets will be a long time popular. Here all attention is paid to improving the system of service for our customers".

these technologies are applied in the lines of passenger tires Viatti Strada Asimmetrico, as well as in Viatti Bosco H/T designed for crossovers and SUVs, which most of the time move on paved roads in the city and beyond.


KAMA TYRES – enterprise Tire business of Tatneft Group, which provide complete production chain: from procurement of raw materials for the production of tire products to the sale of finished products and provide after-sales service. The company has one of the largest in the Russian tire industry production capacity – 20% of all produced in Russia produces tyres KAMA TYRES.

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