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On 29 June the festival Moscow Flower Show-2020 will be held on-line conference \"MODERN FARMSTEAD LIFE\" Breaking news 29.06.2020 at 16:32

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29 June 14 to 16 hours in the framework of the international festival of gardens and flowers "Moscow Flower Show-2020" will be held on-line conference "MODERN FARMSTEAD LIFE."


Manor life – the phenomenon of forming personality. The estate is like a will, as a way of guiding the lives of children. To live in the manor, in the manor we need to learn from scratch. Today the estate that we inherited can be our textbooks for a happy life. There is no other such a capacious concept, which is able to accommodate all sides of the life style – family, land, culture, health, prosperity, craft, education.

We brought together leading experts, ready to tell us about the significance of the "Russian house" in the modern world.

Is a new lifestyle estate. What gives man life in the manor? How to integrate farmstead culture in the rhythm of modern life, clothing style, home design and the surrounding landscape?

the New Russian landowner, man of the Manor - who is he? What causes people to leave the city and to invest efforts in the restoration of ruins, construction of new houses and the organization of life in the manor style?

the revival of the estates - as a marker of the decline of the era of consumption and the beginning of the era of awareness. Estate: Museum, hotel, farm, event facility, private home, or something else?

Manor as the culture of existence – a return to tradition. What are the trends in using the lessons of the manor heritage exist in our day? Can the ordinary man to create the estate and become its owner and to manage its development?

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- Kurbatova A. S., Vice-President of JSC "Institute of IGCP", D. SC., member of the SAR, the Chairman of OGS Moscow region


- V. I. Alyavdin, President NF the "Revival of Russian manor"

"the Mission of the historic HOMESTEAD in the modern Russia"

- A. A. Akhmadullina, the Russian designer, Creator of the brand Alena Akhmadullina.

"Clothes manor. The interaction with the surrounding landscape"

- Razumov V. A., usagebased, author of the blog "a Chronicle of Russian estate"

"Life in the estate: luxury or the natural need for creation?"

- Uzdenova I. V., the owner of the estate "farm Staroseletska"

"Hospitable manor life" Stepanov G. G., owner of the estate "Marino"

"Water extravaganza in the estate"

- Bychkova I. A., owner and Director gallery "Flight"

"Art in the manor"

- Cherdantseva O. A., chief curator of parks and gardens of the Russian Museum

- "These plants house – the artifacts!"

Pankrashkin N. And. Deputy Director of the Yusupov Palace

"Manor Park in the city as Yusupov"

- Kurbatov A. A. art-Director design Studio "Arrow"

"Modern design language manor. Morse Code Khokhloma"