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Mercedes-Benz has created a series about the life of the dummies for crash tests 29.06.2020 at 15:40

Automotive edition

Mercedes-Benz has released the first episode of the Comedy series about the life of the dummies involved in the crash tests. The first series is devoted to the testing of the braking system.

the First episode called "Happy day" introduces viewers to Fred and Tommy – the two mannequins that test for the modern safety systems of Mercedes-Benz. But if Fred is a true veteran of the test sites, to see all sorts of technical tests, his cheerful colleague Tommy young and looking forward to the new test.

the Series focuses on testing brake system: during the test, nor the car, nor test drive will not be affected. This fact greatly disappoints Fred, as he is proud to be the crash test dummy and loves of a collision.

Video: Mercedes-Benz

After a short movement, the car abruptly stops, thus marking a successful test of the brake system. Fred, in turn, calls this the worst day in my life. However, young Tommy tries to console him and says that in the next episode they will test the heated seats. In this connection, a veteran of the test sites of the company for a few moments of anger.

In mid-may, the European organization Euro NCAP has announced a major update testing protocols vehicles. Until the end of the year the program crash tests there will be several new tests, including the simulation of a collision of compact machines with a larger and also a test for long-distance passengers. h

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