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Apple named the most beautiful apps and games in the App Store — the largest website about iPhone, iPad, Mac in Russia 29.06.2020 at 19:00

Review of the best apps for the iPhone how to fix iPhone or iPad, what you need to know when buying a Mac and MacBook. Free iOS app and iPadOS

At this time, the prize was online

By long-established tradition, after the official part of the WWDC Apple announced the winners of the prestigious award Apple Design Awards. Therefore, the company thanked the creators of the most successful and attractive products. In fact, developers can receive an award not only for design. Apple may appreciate the unique ideas and original approach to the creation of interface or gameplay. The current prize Apple Design Awards 2020 was not in the same format as the last few years — was not offline presentations and the awards ceremony. However, Apple decided not to break tradition and called the 8 winners of the annual award.

the winners of the Apple Design Awards

Apple awarded 8 application developers from different countries. Among the programs is as games, and even advanced photo editors. In General, if you still not downloaded — now is the time.

the Most beautiful apps in the App Store Darkroom-photo editor — powerful photo editor for iOS photo Editor designed specially for iPad

it really is really one of the most beautiful photo editor, which is used by many in our newsroom. It's fast and incredibly powerful photo editor with a decent feature set. The main feature of Darkroom — adjust shadows, contrast, white balance and black with a special curve that much easier conventional sliders. You can download the app for free, but to use advanced features you need to have a subscription.

Download Darkroom

Looom — creating animations on the iPad

App that can quickly make you an animation using the same instruments as in the music editor. Painted with Apple Pencil frame-by-frame animation, in parallel, noting each frame, and then the app will do everything for you. The results can be exported in animation editors like Adobe Animate. But generally everyone can have fun in our Telegram chat, this does not necessarily even be able to draw. The app, however, is not cheap.

Download Looom

Shapr3D app for architects on iPad Here obviously need to have the hands from the right place

a Very powerful thing — CAD app for iPad to create architectural and engineering drawings. The app lets you use your computer for a variety of tasks associated with the design of buildings and communications, and to perform most of them on the tablet. The app already has support for ARKit, and later will add support for the LiDAR scanner to automatically create accurate two-dimensional floor plan and a three-dimensional model of the room. No wonder subscription it is quite expensive, it is the decision for professionals.

Download Shapr3D

StaffPad — translates the notes into electronic format

Wow how cool works!

this application even for composers, who, as a rule, often write down notes simply by hand. The app scans each step and saves it in the form of notes that can be edited using Apple Pencil. And don't be afraid of the cost — for those who need this app, it has long been paid off.

Download StaffPad

the Most beautiful games in the App Store

Not beat Apple side of the game — of course, almost all of them are in the Apple Arcade.

Sayonara Wild Hearts is a game with a rhythm Game in which music is perhaps the most important

Music action game Sayonara Wild Hearts available to subscribers with the launch of the Apple Arcade. Nintendo, for example, it is sold for 899 rubles. And people buy it because it is really good! But you don't need to pay more, all already included in the 199 rubles per month. The game has a surreal scenery, fascinating visual effects and motion — and it really is one of the most beautiful in the App Store.

Download Sayonara Wild Hearts

Sky: Children of the Light social quest

is There any game better?

Beautifully drawn multiplayer quest where you have to help heavenly creatures to find their way home. Cool that today technologies allow to make not only trivial taymkillery, where you need to press the virtual cockroaches, but to create something more grandiose. Sky: Children of the Light – time. By the way, earlier Apple has already called this game one of the best apps in the rankings by the end of 2019.

Download star wars: Children of the Light

Song of Bloom — tricky puzzle Yes, it's just like Banksy

Deep history about everything described in short hand drawn video. Read the story in drawings done with various techniques, you will learn how to control it and see what happens! The plot is incredibly twisted, plus it is accompanied by interesting puzzles. What is this game asking for only 149 rubles — a real gift.

Download Song of Bloom

Where the Cards Fall is one of the most colorful games

the Game, which was created through the joint efforts of developers of Snowman, makers of Alto's Adventure, the Studio and The Game Band. She is incredibly beautiful and atmospheric, as Alto's Adventure. Attracted to the music and the picture. The player will have to build various structures using cards. In such an atmosphere it is very nice. To talk about this game for a long time — it must be seen to. You can do this by signing up for the Apple Arcade.

Download Where the Cards Fall

All these applications have in common is that they use Apple technologies. Some involve them, for example, ARKit and Metal; others are more advanced interactions with Apple and Pencil by the presence of dark themes. Among the winners of the previous years of the prize Apple Design Awards, Pixelmator, djay, Complete Anatomy, HomeCourt, Florence and Crossy Road. And what other applications you would have awarded this prize? Tell us in the comments.