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6-year-old girl complained about the mother to the police

Russian Britaniya 29.06.2020 at 19:39

Six-year-old girl decided as a joke to threaten the mother with jail after the game and called the police.

the 29-year-old Vicky Pitchford from Benteli (Staffordshire) faced an unexpected act of his daughter ruby. The situation was settled, but Vicky had to explain to her daughter that such things should be treated seriously.

it All began innocently enough. Initially, Vicki decided to teach daughter to call emergency services on 999. The fact that women sometimes have a panic attack because she can't breathe. So the woman decided to protect themselves by teaching the daughter to seek help.

after some time, ruby and Vicky decided jokingly to fight. During the game, the mother grabbed the daughter's leg when she tried to escape. The girl decided to take revenge and ran for the phone. Rising to the second floor by daughter, Vicky saw that she's talking to someone. The girl immediately said that talks with the police and gave the phone to mom.

me began to speak to the man who said, "Your daughter asked to take her mom to jail because you grabbed her leg." I couldn't believe it. And while I was talking to a COP on the other end of the tube, ruby was running around and laughing. The operator also started to laugh and then I do. So for a while, we laughed all together, says Vicki.

the woman Later spoke with daughter and explained that calls to the emergency services should be taken seriously. And despite all the stupidity of the situation, Vicky is upset because of the act ruby. Now the woman is sure that ruby knows how to ask for help, if her mom can't do it yourself.