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How to start to gain trust in children

On Your website - very few visitors 29.06.2020 at 08:00

On Your website - very few visitors -

Children by default belong to parents and the disenfranchised. So plus-minus was human history and it is unlikely that will change in the next Millennium.

And children really feel its lawlessness. On the one hand, they already have their own desires, thoughts and views, and on the other hand their especially no one asks.

the Parent must do one simple thing - a little of the sovereignty and independence of the child. The child will then begin to be a full participant in the relationship, not just a compromiser with all that he already did.

you can then ask the child's opinion, ask him to make a choice, etc.

When the child is three years, can he propose to choose the color of the dish.

When a child is seven years old does not want to eat porridge, can he offer himself to fry an egg.

When a child is thirteen he will really appreciate that everything in the house is required to knock him into the room before entering.

will Certainly need to put reasonable boundaries and limitations, but to trust and encourage their own kid's choice. For example, to configure the computer so that it was only possible for two hours a day blunt in the Internet. But in these two hours you can go to any of the available sites.

one way to gradually grow a full and normal person. Who will not dream to raise their children as anything but not raise it.

Because children by default belong to parents and powerless, but normal parents it is quickly corrected.

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