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IOS: how to undo and redo text entry

Entertainment 01.07.2020 at 01:10

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IOS programs rarely seen buttons undo and redo actions; especially this concerns the input of text information (notes, blog-post really office document). Experienced users know about this trick, and novices suggest say on the note.

Give you to cancel the mistakenly entered the phrase (can be a random set of characters), shake the "Apple" schemes — the screen POPs up a window with a cancel button entering the last text fragment. Cancelling this action, shake the gadget for the umpteenth time — this window will appear rarely, but only as long as it let you beat the input of the next piece (second from the end) to return the identity of the remote until a piece of text (snow on you change your mind). Thus in iOS implemented the approach on the history of user actions, after which Mac OS X often, the "answer" fono command+Z and command+shift+Z.