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New laureates of the prize named Segalovich

Blog Yandex 03.07.2020 at 09:00

Blog Yandex

The second time We chose the laureates of the scientific prize named after Ilya Segalovich. Yandex notes that reward scientists who have made significant achievements in computer science. The prize is awarded once a year in two nominations: "Young researchers" and "Scientific leaders". The first category — for undergraduates and graduate students, the second for their mentors.

Mikhail Bilenko,

the head of the Department of machine intelligence and research Yandex

On the basis of services and technologies Yandex is the science. Thus we are interested not only applied research but also theoretical studies. They move the entire industry forward and can lead to impressive results in the future. We established a prize Segalovich to support undergraduate and graduate students who are engaged in machine learning and other promising areas of computer science. Often talented guys during study leave to work in industry. We want them to have the opportunity to continue fundamental research with our material support.

the Winners are determined by the Council of the award. It includes the heads of Yandex and collaborating with scientists, including Professor Rutgers University in new Jersey, Ilya Muchnik, Professor at the University of Geneva and vildavsky winner Stanislav Smirnov, Professor, University of California at Berkeley Alexei Efros. The amount of the prize for young researchers is 350 thousand, and for supervisors to 700 thousand rubles.

the Scientific prize named after Ilya Segalovich — part Educational initiative of Yandex. From 2019 to 2022, the company will invest in the education of more than 5 billion rubles. Read more about the educational projects and Yandex services can be found here.

this year's winners were 12 employees: three supervisors and nine young scientists. Choosing winners among neutronov, we first took into account the contribution to the community development and youth work. For young researchers the main criterion is academic achievement.

All the winners in the category "Young researchers" have managed to present their work at prestigious international conferences. The proceedings of these conferences, select and review the best in the world experts on machine learning and artificial intelligence. If work was accepted for publication at the conference, this recognition at an international level.

the Winners in the category "Young researchers":

Denis Volkhonsky, Skoltech graduate student, conducts research in the field of three-dimensional computer vision and generate the video. The results of their work, Denis has demonstrated the ICMV conference, VISIGRAPP and COPA.

Artem Gadetsky, the undergraduate joint program of Skoltech and the HSE, is the gradient optimization — he created a General method of reducing the variance of stochastic optimization on permutations. Artem spoke at AAAI, and ACL NeurIPS.

Vahe Yeghiazaryan, PhD student of Skoltech, deals with the problems of deep learning and apply neural networks to computer vision tasks. In 2019 Vahe has participated in conferences NeurIPS and ICCV.

Dmitry Ivanov, PhD student, HSE in St. Petersburg, working in the field of Positive-Unlabeled Learning and reinforcement learning and is also focused on applying ML methods in Economics. The works of Dmitry presented at the conference ACM.

Dmitry Kovalev, student at MIPT, has been engaged in various optimization problems. It is primarily interested in obtaining the theoretical results. Dmitry performed three times with a poster at the conference NeurIPS.

Alexander Lyzhov, the undergraduate joint program of Skoltech and the HSE conducts research in the group of Bayesian methods — in particular, developing new methods of assembling neural networks. Alexander has presented his work at ICLR.

Larissa Makeeva, PhD student of MIPT, engaged in theoretical studies — for example, she received a solver of differential equations of elliptic type on ultrafine grids. Her work has been presented at the ICCV conference.

Vyacheslav Shalamov, a graduate student, the University, conducts research in the field of optimization of the performance of various machine learning algorithms. Vyacheslav participated in the ICML conference, GECCO and AIAI.

Anastasia Yanina, PhD student of MIPT, engaged in thematic modeling, as well as issues of interpretability in reinforcement learning, and neural networks distillation. The work of Anastasia participated in the conference and CIKM ICCV.

the Winners in the nomination "Scientific managers ":

Evgeny Burnaev, Skoltech is a candidate of physico-mathematical Sciences, associate Professor at Skoltech, head of research group of Advanced Data Analytics in Science and Engineering (ADASE group).

Alexander Gasnikov, MFTI — doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences, associate Professor, Department of mathematical fundamentals of management, faculty of management and applied mathematics MFTI.

Sergey Obiedkov, HSE, candidate of technical Sciences, Deputy Dean for scientific work and international cooperation at the faculty of computer science.

Yandex has established a scientific prize named after Ilya Segalovich in 2019. The name of Ilya Segalovich — Yandex co-founder and Director of the company's technology is also scholarship which is awarded to undergraduate and graduate students of the faculty of computer science in national research UNIVERSITY "Higher school of Economics".