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EM month in July - the breeze-3 and breeze-4.

Club KIT - Community - Contacts 04.07.2020 at 18:59

Community of people, practicing the use of eniomodulyatorov Laboratory Infotekh

In July unimodularly of the month becomes a breeze-3 and breeze-4. This means that before the end of the month they can be purchased with 20% discount!

Friends, many will not paint, why Briz-3, Briz-4.

Just because they have the best "doctor"!

the best "povyletali" our adaptation capabilities, and thus, immunity.

And the best "stressedmetal".

And as of now that is not for me to tell you.

Want you all healthy, happy and rich!

Two days rewriting lyrics breeze 4 and breeze-3. Nastavlja was still a lot of useful information that will help you ascertain what I wrote above.

Hand tired to write, so give links to updates about these modulators. I really hope that you will read at least obliquely :ah:

read More about the Breeze-3 >>

read More about the Breeze-4 >>

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