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UltData(iPhone Data Recovery) program to recover data from iPhone and iPad

Entertainment 06.07.2020 at 01:10

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Today the owners of Apple smartphones stored in the memory of their mobile devices, a huge amount of personal information. Next many never forget o the need from time to time to make backup copies to protect your data. However, as practice shows, to restore information using standard tools, Apple is not always possible. In this case, will come with a service program called UltData-iPhone Data Recovery, created by developers from the company Tenorshare.

UltData represents a multi-functional program that can help to reconstruct data even in volyum, if the mobile device already is not included. In fact the app offers three different ways to restore:

refreshment directly from the device; a conjecture from an iTunes backup, recovery from iCloud backup.

Thus, through UltData it is possible to reconstruct the data in almost any situation: bad reconstruction or jailbreak, unlimited reset to factory settings, accidental elimination of files, physical damage, etc. up To the present time, these problems will prevent little benefit to pass to the data.

Simple to operate

One of the key features of applications by company Tenorshare is the most simple-minded, but logical and double-task interface. Just UltData to eat four tabs: rebirth from your iOS device, restore from iTunes, restore from iCloud and system repair.

the First three tabs allow users to the tee in a few clicks to acccess all the necessary information and simulate it on the router. The liner supports over two dozen different file types, due to which the users can reconstruct not just photos either — or message, but notes, call history, Safari bookmarks, documents, attachments with iMessage, voice memos, etc.

but that's not all. Using UltData the owners of Apple mobile devices appears online to view your correspondence no words to many popular messengers. About (to say), it is possible to recover deleted information, Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, al. While this is only semi-literate text messages. Through UltData users can view all information on committed due to the fault of messengers calls that is (i.e.) to copy it to get the computer the attached files.

it is Noteworthy, auski? regardless of using the selected method of data recovery hybridism does not change. Do not do that when you use iCloud backup, users will have to specify in the application your username and the word from Apple cloud. For all that, another way to revive the photo from iSloud besprotsentno will not work.

but In other respects the process is similar no words for all three cases. At the beginning users need to wait for at this time the app will scan the reminiscence device or a backup, with time to browse and mark files, and after just press the top button to restore.

Additional functions

Par mentioned less in UltData there is a large quadrangle section. Three of them should help users to recreate the data, and the last, the fourth section almost called the Repair system is useful in those cases, sometimes the iPhone or iPad stuck Apple logo get the identity in Recovery Mode.

UltData will help to solve these problems up to words in one click. The only thing figley need to do users – this is to connect your device to the computer.

for this is that the efficiency of the iPhone whether iPad not fortunate enough to recover, users can take advantage of a more radical advanced modes. Still worth considering why it'll take until this time the data from the memory of the iPhone and iPad.

How much UltData

Originally UltData is a paid app. Obache before buying the full version users can test the free version of the utility. Sympathy allows you to test Khan's capabilities UltData to top it all data recovery. Thus, the user can advance to test the application and it what files it can rise from the ruins.

the Full version UltData at the moment, the game is worth the candle 2997 rubles. Tea yet to use offers 50% discount. Because of this, you should hurry up.


summarizing the outside, it is possible to remember that UltData-iPhone Data Recovery is wireless versatile and multifunctional solution that can find a use for every owner of iPhone and iPad.

One with the main features of the utility are not forbidden to consider how much it allows you to recover information from messengers. While UltData able to work with almost all popular applications – from WhatsApp to Viber.