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It was simple: Russia made a choice between China and the United States

Shnyaga.No - educational-entertainment blog 06.07.2020 at 18:05

Shnyaga.No, informative and entertaining blog

Donald trump is angry. And all because the Russian leaders refused to return to the club of "developed countries" (sounds strange, considering what is happening in the US), representatives of Russia will not attend the extended "Big seven".

Many still do not understand what the reason for this decision, because trump has repeatedly said that Russia is inviting not just.

As if veiled as it may sound, but the purpose of the stay in our country at the summit was clear and simple – to solve the global problem, which, in the opinion of Americans, has hung over the world – the containment of China.

And if before the world Affairs fell on the shoulders of the "Big eight", in the moment, to make decisions, she simply couldn't. Now "Seven" is more like a club of some gentlemen, not of the global Executive Council.

As you remember, initially Moscow was a very comfortable wait. This was done in order to finally understand the meaning of the invitation. Naturally, participation in the summit would raise the status of the country. But what would the partners of Russia?

As you well know, partners of the Russian Federation in the third world countries have repeatedly expressed concerns about what Moscow after its call States, return to the Western camp.

this is America, and called. Because Russia controls the processes in Central Asia. Should I remind you that there are Chinese land trade routes to Europe (China sells hydrocarbons, and not Islamic extremists, unlike some). Do not forget about the long border with China.

anyway, Russia is simply necessary for America.

However, Moscow does not intend to conflict with Beijing.