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How to choose a reliable chain for chainsaws

All about chainsaws 11.07.2020 at 06:41

All about chainsaws, their device and related materials and equipment

The Chain of a chainsaw can often require replacement due to blunting of the links, deterioration of the cutting gear even with proper maintenance and timely lubrication. Online shop "the Mechanic" is the official dealer of leading manufacturers of tools, such as Caiman, Saw, Truper, Oleo-Mac, Haisser. In the catalogue it is suggested to find original accessories, generic instantiations with parameters suitable for professional and domestic devices.

How to choose a chain for chainsaw

Choose the saw chain for chainsaw follows the set of parameters that are suitable for certain conditions. Among the main characteristics:

number of units. This is the main characteristic headings. Options 52, 56, 57, 64, 66, 72, 76, you need to match with the length of the tire tool; chain length, which will be installed on the tire of a certain length. Among the frequent choices of 35 cm, 45 cm, 50 cm; pitch chain, it is equivalent to the length between the tails of the two cutting teeth. The most popular parameter value 3/8; type of potential cutting. There is a chain of longitudinal, transverse and universal (more expensive and fit for a professional instrument); thickness of the leading link or "tail". It is different from 1.1 mm to 2 mm, but proportionally mapped to the power saws. The most commonly household tools applied thickness of 1.3 mm; the depth of cut and profile height — use these options with a professional application tool; the order of cutting teeth, the cutting type of the link. Chains for chainsaws at the best price in Nizhniy Novgorod delivery

In the range there are chain This and other manufacturers who have established themselves as quality and reliable components, designed for long life. The obvious advantage objectives Calm is that they often come up on chainsaws other brands due to its versatility. And the prices on them remain at an affordable level and with excellent quality.

Store offers to buy chain for chainsaw inexpensively from professionals who always help you choose the appropriate accessories for household and professional tool. Due to the constant availability of the product catalog is a quick Assembly and delivery in Nizhny Novgorod and other regions of the Russian Federation.