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The Bank "Opening" gives cashback for refinancing credit card press releases 16.07.2020 at 11:02

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Bank "Opening" offers additional cashback in the amount of 1 000 rubles for the transfer of debt from credit cards of other banks for a credit card "Open". The gift will be able to get both existing and new customers of the Bank who service in the Internet Bank or mobile app.

cashback Prize will be awarded in the form of cash funds to the Bank card of the client "Discovery". If the customer card yet, it can be easy to execute remotely on the website of the Bank or any nearest branch.

the Bank "Opening" one of the first launched the service "Refinance credit cards". It can be used to transfer the debt credit card of any Russian Bank on a credit card "Open" and not to pay her the interest during the grace period to 120 days. The service is available in the Internet Bank and mobile application on iOS.

the Translation is carried out without fee, provided that the card of another Bank will be closed for 92 days from the date of the transfer. The information about the closing of another Bank card are required.