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Review of the film "Greyhound" Reviews 18.07.2020 at 14:59

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February 1942, North Atlantic. Marine convoy with troops and cargo for the allies under patrol United States air force is sent to the port of Liverpool. Going into out of reach for the aviation sector, known as the "black pit", the vessel was attacked by a group of German submarines.

Received the first appointment as captain of the naval forces of the United States, no longer young, Ernest Krause says goodbye to his beloved, and in February of ' 42 sailed to Liverpool with the aim to accompany the marine convoy on the territory of the allies. Under his command the destroyer "Greyhound" and a few escort ships. And nothing would be decidedly dangerous to swim across the ocean was not if not a "Black hole" sector in the middle Atlantic, where no friendly aircraft, and always waiting for "wolf pack" of German submarines.

Director Aaron Schneider – man, that is, an unusual fate. From behind the camera on various Hollywood score he embodies the ambitions of the Director in his debut short film "Two soldiers". Gets her Oscar, but after a couple of years working as an operator on the set of TV pilot "Supernatural" is a cheerful procedural COP show in the vein of "x-files" over the years, evolved into a soap Opera about brotherly love and family values. In 2009, Schneider will debut a full meter with the film, "Bury me alive" where the great actor Robert Duvall collects polstate on own Wake and in the spirit of Bilbo Baggins pushes farewell speech.

And ten years is nothing, in General, no signs of return until sometime in the Studio corridors Schneider's desire to make a movie is not faced with the desire Tom Hanks is a movie to write. The owner of the most humane person in Hollywood wanted to film the novel by Cecil Scott Forester, personally adapted the book for the big screen. However, because of the global pandemic, the film on the big screen and not out – Sony has sold the rights to broadcast Apple TV+.

"Greyhound" – the movie is very compact, almost intimate. All actions are concentrated in one place, and the spectator with the hero Hanks and then running around the bridge, downtrodden people so that it is impossible to breathe on both sides of the screen. Entirely devoted to sea battles, it takes the beauty of the explosions or the romance of the open scuttle, and the dry drama of the chess game. The entire film, the audience only hears is not quite clear, strictly marine, commands, and periodically wagging here and there a marine vessel.

For an hour and a half the audience, only time will have to leave the deck of the destroyer, and then to give captain Krause to say goodbye to the sweetheart and give her a Christmas toy with a quote from the New Testament. In return she will give him terrible to say, Slippers. And from that moment, something after viewing, you can talk only a whisper and behind the tightly drawn curtains.

In General, tightly drawn drama sometimes turns into a parade of vulgarity: in the scene with the exchange of gifts, two great artist look like leading morning television programs, which meet the viewer at five in the morning with the imprint of the face of happiness and a plea for help in the eyes; the German captain of the submarine that in the manner of a Chechen commander of a Russian bad series of howls and teases (before this it seemed that it really only do in our film); Kok, unseen soul, in vain to drag the food to the captain and lost, charging the guns. In a strange way, is any event to fall outside of the frame to become a phenomenon not so much visual as literary as it instantly turns into some kind of terrible platitude.

here and probably lurks incompetence Hanks as writer. Everything now worked without words at the level of pure visual experience, Schneider transferred is skillful enough – not "Dunkirk", but not much worse. But when some of the characters to open his mouth and find something other than rank and position, everything is beyond stupidity, to watch which, of course, quite impossible. And to put it even more so.

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