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Legends of Eighths in KVN. Opinion

KVN for ALL 19.07.2020 at 18:24

KVN for ALL - all the news of the KVN Comedy Club and other comic projects..

In 2001, the Finalists of the Highest League "Burnt by the sun" and "Four Tatars" all of a sudden and for themselves — lost beginners! It was a sub for team "CHP" and "MAMI" which just broke at the 1/8, took 1st and 2nd places, and then... Boring flew in the 1/4 (last place)... Probably not enough experience?

the Bright opening of the season 2020 — team "Children of Turing", regardless of further seasons, will forever remain in the status of "Legends of Eighths"! "Children Turing" broke all in the 1/8, and... Then there was a Coronavirus Crimean History... (Well, you know?)

the Team from Kazakhstan, too, has long been in the status of "Legends of Eighths". The Kazakhs were ranked 1 or 2 in the 1/8 and flew to 1/4... for Example, in the 2007 season in the 1/8 Kazakhs beat even a team High, but in the 1/4 the last place...

Speaking of "eighths", it is necessary to recall the "Curse of Eighths". Many Champions of the Premier League, been relegated from the 1/8 to the Tower! (This has already been a lot of joking, especially repeat will not). Region-13... 'hara Maureen... Theatre of the Ural audience... the Buryats... etc.

Even the command "Max" and "Parapaparam" in its first season in the Tower came under the Curse of Eighths!

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