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Laser skin resurfacing

Swansea city 19.07.2020 at 17:43

Football club "Swansea city" (Swansea City Association Football Club). The team from Wales, established in 1912, now a member of the English Premier League. Swansea

Over the years, there are new troubles: wrinkles unfortunately their appearance, to avoid not yet managed to anyone. The process of aging of the skin often cause women a huge disappointment and always accompanied by negative emotions, because the beautiful half of humanity always want to look young and beautiful. To combat these problems, dermatologists recommend effective way is laser resurfacing of the face. Read more about what is laser surfacing on the website

the Essence of laser skin resurfacing: what makes this method of combating skin aging, this removal with a laser the top layer of skin (dead cells), which smoothes the skin and carries away all the wrinkles, pimples, scars, scars. With this help, the skin becomes smoother and younger. A great advantage of laser resurfacing is the fact such as laser can be programmed at the desired depth of purification, that is, it is possible to remove absolutely all problems that give you problems and to achieve the most effective results.

Also, this procedure performs concurrent massage of the deep layers of the skin. Which in the right tone come collagen fibers of the skin, and this will prevent the formation of wrinkles on the skin in the future. Skin resurfacing is an excellent tool for procedures of artificial rejuvenescence of the skin, as well as in plastic surgery. In a joint complex of these procedures, you will receive a deep rejuvenation. Also in recent years very often use women laser resurfacing of the neck, hands, décolleté and other areas that often give the true age.

the Laser the procedure is painless, as it operates the laser very carefully and gently, as if it was a beam of light. For the patient this procedure is completely safe, of course provided that makes her an educated professional, using modern equipment. Laser resurfacing is very effective for eliminating all types of scars, including the burn effects.

How are classified laser resurfacing? How long time this procedure? Are there any contraindications? Let's look at a brief characterization of the two main types of grinding: DOT and MaxFX. MaxFX: the duration of this sanding is about one hour. The procedure is performed with anesthesia as, grinding deep. When processed only a part of the face (problem area) then local anesthesia is used, if the entire face anesthesia be complete.

After this type of polishing requires hospitalization for two days to protect the delicate layer of skin which will be naked after the operation. After surgery, there is a need in the pill, which can support the immune system and also apply concealer to camouflage pink skin tone. If you decide to carry out this operation in the summer, don't neglect the sunscreen with the maximum level of protection.

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