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FinTok of the tax on deposits themes of the day 22.07.2020 at 21:00

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In late March, Russia adopted a law on the tax on interest on deposits. This has excited many people in the country who have decided that now when placing any amount on Deposit they will need to pay tax. In fact, it is a widespread misconception. And here very important details.

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Victoria Kandaurova,

, Deputy Chairman of Expobank

the New law will relate exclusively to interest on deposits, that is, we are not talking about levying a tax on the whole amount of funds in the Bank.

On the basis of calculations is the amount of income that is not taxable, is 1 million rubles, multiplied by the key rate of the Central Bank. Now, with a key rate of 4.5% this amount is 45 thousand.

the Tax will be levied on the amount of excess income on deposits in all banks on the amount of income that is not taxed. Again, at the moment it is 45 thousand rubles.


let's Try to calculate the amount of tax for the investor who has two contributions in two banks and expects to earn income on these deposits in 2021.

In the same Bank if the Deposit amount of 400 thousand rubles, and the rate of 5% per annum income investor will make 20 thousand roubles.

another Bank in the amount of Deposit 800 thousand roubles and a rate of 5.5% annual return will amount to 44 thousand rubles.

In the aggregate in 2021, the depositor will receive interest on all deposits in the amount of 64 thousand rubles.

the amount received From (64 thousand) subtract the amount that is not subject to tax — currently 45 thousand (or 1 million multiplied by the key rate).

Is 19 thousand rubles — this is the income on which you must pay the 13% tax.

to calculate the amount of tax, multiply 19 thousand rubles at a tax rate of 13%. Get 2 470 rubles. This is the amount of tax that must be paid to the state.


as changes in the taxation of deposits will come into force from January 1, 2021, the tax will be calculated from the income received from that date. To pay it for the first time will have only the following tax period, i.e. until 1 December 2022. Interest earned on deposits in 2020, be taxed will not.


to Calculate the tax and generate tax notices are agencies of the Federal tax service. Investors to file tax returns in connection with the receipt of interest income on deposits is not required.

to run to the Bank and withdraw funds from the Deposit does not make any sense. In case of early withdrawal there is a risk to lose all interest.

As you can see, the new tax will not affect all, and deposits is a reliable tool for the accumulation and storage of your money.