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Quote #462155 25.07.2020 at 04:12

Book Runet

Fff: it was in the army. The political officer gave a sniper rifle with a bent barrel, explaining that the previous owner hit a trip wire.

as time Passed, I had the opportunity to work in the headquarters and to delve into their documents and to question witnesses in the case and found the following. Part of my appeal was not the most warlike, and suffered from lack of equipment: there was no bullet in the street and inspection, unloading and delivery of the weapon storage was in the same room - the Armory. Then follows a chain of tragicomic events. Sniper is not removed in a pyramid, and just put on the floor (why ? so it became clear). To take your service went one major vision minus five, putting on glasses only when reading. Major is not a special ceremony with the gun and after some operations, aimed it DOWN the stem (not upwards, paleological... which is still there, but at least the ceiling) and pulled the trigger. KABOOM ! This fucking sniper managed to get right in the barrel of the sniper rifle, the bullet ricocheted and went into the wall, luckily not injuring anyone.

the Major received a severe reprimand, and I was forever convinced that not all heroic deeds have happened.

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