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Culture / Visual arts

Graphic artist Kamil Gubaidullin Gurevich (1949-2017). Part 4.

The main strip 25.07.2020 at 09:13

In 1980 in the artist's life changing. Return home to loved Bashkiria. In taking this decision, the artist has compromised many. In Tashkent, he lived for nearly fifteen years, left the society of artists, where he found understanding and support. In Bashkiria it is almost nobody knew. And starting essentially a new life, a NN was hoping for something to change their creativity, to soften, maybe on the advice of well-wishers and, in their opinion, too one-sided view of life. Remembering the home of his childhood, aspiring to untroubled sources, hoping to absorb the beauty of people and nature, Kamil Gubaidullin had no idea how far gone is the spirit of destruction that is associated with the disastrous invasion of new industrial giants in the nature of Bashkiria.