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The Analysis Of "Plus ya" to "Ya PLYUS": "Tinkoff" or Alfa-Bank? themes of the day 26.07.2020 at 21:00

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Free subscription to "Yandex.Plus" and cashback to 10% for the use of services "Yandex" — what is the difference between the cards "Yandex.Plus" from the "Tinkoff" and Alfa-Bank?

the co-branded cards of "Yandex" on the basis of Mastercard today offer Tinkoff Bank and Alfa-Bank. The Holders Of "Yandex.Plus" free-use subscription to the service "Yandex", to get discounts and bonuses and earn cashback. At first glance, the products of both banks look the same, but on closer examination, the cards have revealed many differences. We will understand which Bank is more profitable to use the services of "Yandex".

Bonuses for "Yandex"services and other "buns"

Card "Yandex.Plus" focused on active users of the service "Yandex": "Taxi", "Music", "IMDb", "Take", "Drive", and others. For purchases in these services for holders of cards of "Yandex.Plus" provides additional discounts and increased cashback. However, in order to use the card, do not have to be a fan of "Yandex" — the credit card is charged for other expenses.

the loyalty Program at "Yandex.Plus" in "Tinkoff" and Alfa-Bank are almost identical and provide the following bonuses.

1. Free subscription to "Yandex.Plus"

Itself is free, the subscription to the service "Yandex" on the map of "Yandex.Plus" is not available, however, the Bank will reimburse the money spent on $ 169 a month when the conditions are right. For this you need a proper subscription (it connects automatically when you apply for the card) and spending on the card from 5 thousand rubles per month. If the customer previously subscribed free of charge (promotion or gift), money for it will not be returned.

2. Cashback to 10% in the service "Yandex"

once a quarter the Bank selects the service "Yandex", for purchases which will be charged maximum cashback 10%. Until July 31, 2020 is "Yandex.Taxi" (except for travel "Economy"class).

Ad unit 3. Increased cashback for purchases in specatacular

in Addition to the maximum kesbeke in one of the services of "Yandex" card holders rely increased remuneration for purchases other services and expenses in spectaculorum: "Restaurants", "Entertainment", "Sports goods" and "Educational services". Until recently, both the Bank of cashback charged for these purchases at the rate of 5%, but since July, "Tinkoff" has worsened the conditions of their bonus programs, reducing the rate to 2%. Alfa-Bank continues to bonusgreat these operations at the rate of 5%.

4. Cashback for other purchases

For purchases that are not included in the category of kesbeke, banks charge a basic cashback at the rate of 1%. Remuneration shall not be paid for withdrawals of cash, transfers, replenishment of electronic wallets payment for housing and communal services and the like. Alfa-Bank does not credit bonuses for purchases made abroad (except for purchases in foreign online stores). The maximum amount of kesbeke per month to 7 thousand rubles on the map of Alfa-Bank and 6 thousand rubles on the card "Tinkoff". The remuneration shall be paid in roubles to the card account once a month.

Besides the difference in rates and limits, banks have different rules for the calculation of bonuses. In "Tinkoff" is valid unfavorable system of kesbeke rounding up to $ 100 to the lower side. So, for the purchase of ordinary categories in the amount of 199 rubles, the Bank will pay only 1 ruble (199 rubles are rounded to 100, which will be credited 1%). Alfa-Bank bonuses are earned based on transaction amount (199 × 1% = 1,99).

as an additional bonus Alfa-Bank also provides a card "Yandex.Plus" up to 6% of kesbeke for purchases in their own service for travelers and "Tinkoff" — discounts and cashback to 30% for purchases from partners.

How much?

Initially, the service "Yandex.Plus" both issuers were free, but since July 2020 "Tinkoff" have introduced a fee for service card. Now "Yandex.Plus" from the "Tinkoff" is 190 rubles per month. In order to continue to use the card without a fee, you need to perform one of the conditions:

to support the map minimum balance of 50 thousand rubles; to have in the Bank operating loan.

One of the first to change the terms of card of the competitor reacted Alfa-Bank. On his page in social networks the Bank stressed that in contrast to plastic "yellow Bank" card "Yandex.Plus" from Alfa-Bank continues to be free and without conditions, and promised that the service will remain free FOREVER.

However, customers of such care is not appreciated in the comments recalled to the Bank recent changes in the conditions of charge of kesbeke and increasing the fee for SMS-notification. Now for SMS, Alfa-Bank will have to pay monthly for 99 rubles, while the "Tinkoff" takes a similar service 59 rubles a month.

the Withdrawals and transfers

"Tinkoff" is usually loyal to cash their cards in third-party ATMs, in the case of "Yandex.Plus" decided, apparently, to tighten the screws. Free to withdraw cash from cards work only in ATMs and only in the amount of 150 thousand rubles a month. For receiving money in foreign ATMs and in excess of the free withdrawal limit for each transaction you will have to pay 2%, at least 90 rubles.

With Alfa-Bank card for free to withdraw cash at its own and partner ATM network. Also without a fee, you can withdraw up to 50 thousand rubles per month in any terminal worldwide, but with some reservations: at the time of the transaction Commission the Bank still write it off, but then return it if within a month to make Bank card purchases for the sum from 10 thousand roubles or maintain average monthly balance of 30 thousand rubles. Failure to comply with these conditions, the Commission for cash withdrawals at third-party ATMs will be 1,99%, at least 199 rubles.

the Conditions on transfers from banks like: free to translate the card number to another Bank through its own services can be up to 20 thousand rubles per month. In other cases, "Tinkoff" will retain for the transfer of 1.5%, a minimum of 30 rubles, Alfa-Bank — of 1.95%, at least 30 rubles.

Also "Tinkoff" allows the Commission to transfer money to other banks for account details and phone number through the System of quick payments. Alfa-Bank transfers by phone number free to 100 thousand rubles a month (more than — 0.5% max 1.5 thousand rubles), and for each transfer from the account details the Bank hold 9 rubles.

the Percentage of the remainder

In Tinkoff Bank the income on the balance of "Yandex.Plus" is charged on the amount up to 300 thousand rubles, and the rate depends on monthly expenses:

to 3 thousand rubles — 0%; from 3 thousand to 50 thousand roubles — 1%; 50 thousand rubles — 4%.

the Interest is calculated daily and paid to the date of the statement. More than 300 thousand rubles to keep the map unprofitable, as to the amount of excess income is not accrued.

the Maximum amount for interest charges on "Yandex.Plus" Alfa-Bank — 100 thousand rubles. The requirements for the minimum turnover on the map of Alfa-Bank is higher, but the percentage more:

to 10 thousand rubles — 0%; from 10 thousand to 100 thousand rubles — 4%; from 100 thousand rubles — 5%.

Alfa-Bank also pays interest on the daily balance and pays out money once a month.

Other differences

, Alfa-Bank card "Yandex.Plus" can be linked to accounts in five different currencies, and "Tinkoff" — only to the account in rubles. Also currently in Tinkoff Bank you can't have debit cards with different loyalty programs, such as "Yandex.Plus," Tinkoff Black, although the Bank promises to correct the situation. Alfa-Bank, no such restriction, however, if at the time of registration "Yandex.Plus" the customer has the card open in the framework of the comprehensive packages of services (except cards from a universal ruler), they are automatically transferred to a new tariff plan.

What to choose?

the selection of the card should take into account the main parameters that make it use more or less favorable rates for services and the profitability bonus program. Unfortunately, after the change of conditions "Tinkoff" was losing to a competitor on both counts: the card has to be paid, and the size of kesbeke decreased. Also tikofsky card "Yandex.Plus" has a significant drawback in the form of a Commission for cash withdrawals at third-party ATMs.

the Disadvantages of the card Alfa Bank is the lack of kesbeke for purchases abroad and the low threshold amount for the accrual of interest on the remaining balance of 100 thousand against 300 thousand rubles in "Tinkoff".