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Sport / Extreme sports

Iati! "K2: the First Congress". Andrzej Bargiel. Full movie.

Relevant Posts — 28.07.2020 at 03:25

All about extreme sports - BASE, mountaineering, ski touring, Bicycle touring, skiing, mountaineering, ice climbing, mountain-bike, multihance, water sports, paraplanerizm, climbing, snowboarding, caving, kayaking

VSK. So, Tepesi itself potikha in the shop. Behind the baton. And kefir. All so elegant. Deep in the mask. In tennage. Summer whispers. Navy full attention. The sun is in full smile. Branches of the alley agruso, droopy, sebayt on the head, wimout her shoulders. Birds squawking. Life is key, as Abraham at PL...

Home... cool. Lepota... And then, nadot! Managed tisnut Wake Up on comp!.. — Red Bull then, as in the arena of the Colosseum, rozhysche has been pushed to the wall: "PA-AGR-THREE! ►"...

On the far side - Andrzej Bargiel . Frame from the film "K2: Pierwszy zjazd" on Red Bull TV ↑↑↑ (K likne out )