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Bill gates said that the United States can win the coronavirus only to the end of 2021

NEWS PLANET 28.07.2020 at 10:58

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Recently bill gates, Microsoft co-founder, criticized the actions of the authorities, because they have removed quarantine restrictions too early. According to the businessman, States are struggling with the virus if not worse, at the level of other less developed countries, according to the portal WWW.PLANETANOVOSTI.COM.

In addition to not quite the right policies, the U.S. has managed to politicize the wearing of masks. If the virus will continue to evolve this way, to defeat the infection will be possible only by the end of next year.

In an interview with CBS News bill gates recalled a recent incident of mass deaths from Covid-19: the day died more than 1000 people, the figures for the past two months have been sharply beaten. The errors were made because of misunderstanding of what actually poses the danger of the virus. Only recently the Americans began to wear masks when the rest of the world in them moves from the beginning of the pandemic.

the good news is that the US has innovation potential: new technology will reduce deaths and by the end of 2021 to forget about the terrible situation that developed at the beginning of 2020 and extends to this day. Other countries have no right to serious mistakes.

bill gates also remembered the words of trump's recent statement that the alleged mortality in the United States is at a low level. According to the businessman, it is absolutely not true. On the contrary, the situation in the country is one of the worst in the world. The quarantine was supposed to end when the death rate would decline, but the opposite happened: the restaurants started at the time of increasing the number of lethal cases.

Fund bill & Melinda gates Foundation has allocated 250 million dollars to create a vaccine against the coronavirus. Yet the success of development information. But it is known that the final stages of testing a vaccine is created in Britain.