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The man threw the IPhone in the "Cauldron of the Devil" and recorded a terrible screaming voice

NEWS PLANET 28.07.2020 at 12:56

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The Blogger was testing the IPhone to check its strength. For this purpose he threw a phone enabled for video recording in the geothermal source. After he checked the record, the blogger was shocked by what he heard, according to the portal WWW.PLANETANOVOSTI.COM.

the Video blogger posted in mid-spring this year, but only now he began to appear on sites that study paranormalnye phenomenon. The video was recorded by Youtube blogger "TechRax", which examines different models for strength and endurance in a fairly non-standard for them situations. In this video a test were iPhone 11 Pro. He decided to throw it in the "Pot of Lavola". This is a very deep hole, which is located in the state of Nevada. It is the geothermal source, filled with hot water. The depth of the hole reaches 15 meters and 9 meters, it is filled with almost boiling water – its temperature reaches 93 degrees Celsius.

the Blogger included a video recording function, attached the phone to a drone and twice put him in the hole. iPhone Pro 11 has been in the "Devil's Cauldron" for about a minute. During the first dive were not recorded no of weird noises. The second time blogger has thrown the phone from a greater height. After immersion in water, the phone suddenly started to record terrible "screams", which is very much like a human. Screaming blogger even heard something in English. It seemed to him that the screams cried out for help. The recording lasts for several tens of seconds and then stops. During the first dive, nothing unusual occurred, and the recording continued.