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Yeti could be aliens who were sent to Earth

News of cryptozoology 28.07.2020 at 08:05

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Yeti so very different from the usual inhabitants of forests and mountains, that many researchers have a version that they came here from somewhere in another world - another reality, another dimension, and so on. Or maybe from another planet? Although the term "Bigfoot" appeared only in 1950-ies, with these creatures met for many centuries before that.

so many stories about these "hairy people" came from native Americans who inhabited the forests, valleys and mountains of the United States. Some of these stories are very ancient and originated in an era when the ancestors of these Indians only began to colonize the American continent. In their legends and myths, these hairy humanoid creature was often called the "giants covered with hair".

in many of these myths indicated that these "giants" really are something special. It's not people, not animals, not some unrecognized North American APE, but something from another world, alien to the familiar terrestrial nature. Maybe even then people noticed that Bigfoot somehow connected with the UFOs and maybe they came to Earth from other planets.

As indicated on the website "The Native Languages", the figure of the Snow man familiar to the folklore of most native American tribes from the North-West of the country. Legends describe these beings, such as 2-3 meters tall, very muscular, with a head to toe covered with hair, uncivilized and often very smelly. They live in the woods and basically go for a walk at night. They can become invisible, but the Indians always thought they were real physical beings made of flesh and blood, not spirits of the forest and not ghosts.

"In the myths about Bigfoot these Sasquatch can steal things, kidnap human women, but they are almost never caused harm to people and sometimes even come to their aid. In some tribes the Snow man was a guardian of nature, was presented as a good-natured creature, who had his family and that might give people gifts. But in other tribes describing them as evil monsters who attack people, steal little kids, and can even eat people".

The threat was recognized the hairy giants known as "Indians with sticks" or "the Indians out of the bushes". They were very aggressive and often lived in large communities, built from rocks and branches a sort of hut in the woods. There is one story that directly links North American Bigfoot with aliens. It was published in a book by researcher brad Steiger and he learned about it from a certain James Wyatt of Memphis, Tennessee. Sam Wyatt, a local Indian, in turn, learned about this story from the surviving diary of his grandfather.

it Happened in 1888 in Northwest California. One day grandfather Wyatt saw his tribesmen walking somewhere with a plate of raw meat. He was surprised and asked where he carries the meat. First, the tribesman did not want to say anything, but then still decided and told my grandfather Wyatt to follow him. They went down a hidden trail through the rocks and came to a secluded cave. There inside sat a huge, hairy creature, like a cross between animal and human. Grandfather of Wyatt when he froze in horror, but the tribesman quietly approached the creature and gave him a plate of raw meat. The creature began to eat this meat obediently and enthusiastically.

After that, the tribesman told grandpa Wyatt detailed history about this creature. He said that gave him the nickname "Crazy bear" (Crazy Bear), and that the substance was delivered to the forest from the stars. Once above the forest emerged an object, like a little Moon, and there were these hairy creatures that were cast out of their world. According to the tribesmen, was piloted by "little moon" the same hairy giants, and when they "threw off" their exiled relatives on the Ground, I noticed being watched a few frightened the Indians, and then waved his paws. When James Wyatt told this story to brad Steiger, it is reasonably said that in his opinion these hairy creatures to be banished to the planet for some crime committed in their world, as if placed in turmo.