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In the UK, talking about the approaching second wave of the coronavirus

NEWS PLANET 29.07.2020 at 11:49

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In Europe there are some signs that may soon begin a second wave of coronavirus. In particular, the situation in the UK: this statement was made by Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, according to the portal WWW.PLANETANOVOSTI.COM.

According to the politician, the signs of new risks evident in a number of countries. Many officials still turn a blind eye to the problems, as yet not managed to depart from the first wave, then as we have need to do something for the second.

the Prime Minister has proposed to introduce new restrictions for people who arrive in the UK. The restriction has affected Spanish citizens: they have to go through mandatory isolation for two weeks.

Boris Johnson emphasized that the restrictive measures are necessary: you should now follow the quick and decisive actions, so that tomorrow was the repetition of the spring of the plot.

of Course, the authorities of Spain did not like the decision of great Britain: Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez rebuked colleagues "injustice" because the British government is appealing to some unknown signs, without revealing their essence.

the Official statistics says that in the UK approximately 301 thousand cases of coronavirus, and in Spain – 272 thousand Boris Johnson contracted an infection in the spring. Today, as you can see, it's all good: politician continues execution of their duties. Who said that Covid-19 will not be a seasonal disease, like the flu, so all the past theories and assumptions can be forgotten.