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On Google Earth in Antarctica discovered a 20-meter man

NEWS PLANET 29.07.2020 at 13:04

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Popular all over the world UFO researcher and virtual archaeologist Scott Waring found on one of the images of Antarctica silhouette, which is incredibly large. It is located near the entrance to a huge cavern that was captured by satellite and displayed on the Google Earth map, according to the portal WWW.PLANETANOVOSTI.COM.

the Object has been yet poorly studied, but according to preliminary estimates, it becomes clear that its height is approximately 20 meters. The entrance to the cave that is next to, slightly above, and is about 22 meters. This option is an excellent choice for housing such a big man, he'll be able to go into the cave. Perhaps it was discovered Bigfoot.

the snapshot and assumptions Scott Waring was posted online and immediately went viral. A huge number of users began to Express their opinions on the matter, but they were divided. Of course, not without the intervention of skeptics who believe that the photo has a shadow or a huge block of ice, but certainly not giant people.

have Previously reported that was discovered by the aliens, which reaches a height of 4-5 meters. In addition, repeatedly, archaeologists found huge skeletons, which is very reminiscent of creatures like man. It is worth noting that the picture of the man-giant in Antarctica were made by a satellite that does not move and simply records what appears before him.

Some of the users felt that the posted picture is photoshopped and is actually no a huge man was found. It's just another excuse to have something to talk about.

What is actually found Scott Waring? Other experts will try to figure it out, but at the moment, many believe that this 20-foot-tall man is indeed real and lives in a cave in Antarctica.