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Called six places where it can start a Third world war

NEWS PLANET 29.07.2020 at 13:44

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The Theme of the 3rd world war for quite a long time concerned about the humanity. After in January due to an air strike killed the General-the major of Iran and the Director of Soleimani, and then around the world began to spread the coronavirus, the problem again became actual. At the moment there are a few places where it can start a Third world war, according to the portal WWW.PLANETANOVOSTI.COM.


In early January of this year, Donald trump gave the order to kill General Soleimani, ostensibly to protect its military abroad. Made the impact needed in order to deter future Iranian attacks. After this, Iran has vowed to avenge the murder of the General.


Some time between Iran and Israel has not had any disagreements, but the result is still between countries launched a war of low intensity. In that case, if Iran will resume its nuclear program, Israel could hit the country's capital. This will directly affect the supply of oil and when the war involved a lot more countries.


last year, relations between the US and Turkey have become increasingly tense. The war could begin at any time, especially when you consider that President Erdogan will be if an action plan already from him not retreating.


In recent decades, relations between Pakistan and India have become incredibly bad and these countries have for a long time are on the brink of war. If inside countries and then there will be riots, which are present today, to avoid war will not work.

the USA-China

Last year and a half relations between the two countries very tense. The United States is already enough for a long time accuses China of unfair trade. This country is going to sign a new trade deal, although no guarantee that this way will work to build relationships.

US-North Korea

Between the US and North Korea relations are also not the best. Some time ago, and Korea all promised to give US a "gift". Now many are concerned that North Korea could begin nuclear test or a ballistic missile. It is worth noting that in November the country is going to make a deal, but Korea is not very interested in that offer, which was made by Donald trump.