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Xiaomi has come up with a smartphone with built-in TWS-headphones

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Xiaomi has come up with a smartphone with built-in TWS-CP headphones service, 07/29/2020 - 08:40

Completely wireless headphones easy to use and have a number of other advantages, but they are stored in a special case, which is all you need to carry. It seems that Xiaomi has found a very simple and elegant solution to this problem by embedding the headphones directly to the smartphone.

In a recent patent describes a Xiaomi smartphone, in the case of which hides a pair of wireless headphones, where they are charged. On the top face there are two small holes that recalls the installation of the S Pen stylus in the Galaxy Note devices from Samsung.

Besides the unusual location, the headphones have another feature — a swivel top design. When placing the smartphone's speakers are directed upwards, and when the headphones need to insert in the ear, "head" rotates 90 degrees.

it is Unclear whether the convenient to use these headphones and whether Xiaomi plans at all to bring this idea to life, but the concept looks extremely interesting.