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MOKOD800 Charity event from Russia and 24 Google. Scam.

Serega's blog Goncharova 29.07.2020 at 16:03

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Greetings to all reading this article.

If You found it and read, then You do not care about Your savings.

to Begin with, that the recent spam mail or Facebook message, maybe even spam under the social media posts to be written. Write "Enter in the search field of Google MOKOD800 and take part in the state lottery. Can win a large sum of money." You can certainly try, but it's a Scam. I'll explain why.

For me to get a lottery ticket was a message from above. Will not get the money, so even though the article is knurled. Its not translated, but just not translated. Logotronic that very convincing. Only one he consumed.

In General, go to Google and enter a search string in this nonsense. Why the bullshit? Guys have come up with a great way to attract people without references. The fact that such links are blocked in social networks, and consequently is blocked and distributor links. Each time to change the account will be expensive. And wrote here, like advised as a good man, as to cut down on fast money, and even the state. And what still it is a strange word MOKOD800? They invented a non-existent word. Just a bunch of letters and numbers, through which their site falls in the search engine first.

From image above we can see that Google offers to fix us a wrong word on the dresser, but still give you what you need to the fraudsters. And that same charity event from Russia and 24 Google not have any relationship.

Well, I went to this site, and there we soon and the ticket issued. There have been some animation with balls. And I win almost 200,000 rubles. Nichrome is not doing. I even on any button is not pressed. The idea is the same button should be, what type of gift to give a ticket. And then right away all without me played. Just yesterday I didn't think so. I first glad thought will bring now. And here's why:

SHAZAM! Yes, it's chat, like with real people who were lucky or not to win. Someone even screen share. In this chat you can even write. Only for You to ignore. And If you go to this resource with a different IP will be exactly the same message, only with different time stamps. It turns out it is a script that runs as soon as You get to the website. Well, okay. At first glance it does not determine I, too, almost happened. this is not given in the website of the fraudster.

I have tried to withdraw money. And you don't try. I was wondering. But then, doubt. The fact that the large lottery winnings, there really is a duty. Here we offer to pay when withdrawing to the card 250 rubles, while the mail transfer 750 rubles. In General crept me suspicious. All the same when You last saw unprecedented generosity from our state. And I do not take into account maternal capital and preferential support of the population. Well, where and when, the Russian government tied the money. The type of seat at home in the coronavirus do not need to pay, and to play the lottery that's fine. I'm trying to climb up on the website, visit the links on the social network.

No the link doesn't work, and wouldn't work. Even if, we kind of realized from them to push. The win gave us direct as soon as we went to the site.

Well I decided to try out.

If that is the number of old maps which are not valid. Will I have my map it Shine.

interestingly, payments are accepted only with credit cards and are redirected to Qiwi. But there is already no doubt. This is exactly 100% the scammers. Well, where you see that public duties were transferred to Qiwi. The fact that other payment systems are not working with scammers. In other systems, need to send for checking passport details and also they provide all the information about You to law enforcement and tax authorities. Such activities in other payment systems threat, the arrest of accounts and criminal penalties. Qiwi until you can do what you want. Why are only their schema with eggs (Kiwi vouchers)

And then there is another question. As you can see from the screenshot above, we don't need the map. We are asked to enter the Qiwi wallet. And payment do not wait. If you don't believe me, you can just leave the lottery site, to wait one day or just change the IP (if you know how to do it) and look again in chat. Yes, in chat, you will have to win almost 200,000 rubles.

You can say "250 rubles no great loss". Only the one who created this site 250 rubles is not really needed, if you can get more.

See for yourself. The scammers get You 250 rubles. And yet you give them your card details, the account number, your phone number and name. As I understand it redirect to Qiwi also lime. Qiwi wallet for nothing but your phone. All other information is in the personal Cabinet. The bottom line is that You via phone number simple invoice. And then all you need to enter. Yes, they need the e-mail is connected to your wallet.

I Guess what I'm getting at.

Just think what you can do with the received information about the accounts of the person.

I'm not even surprised if Qiwi wallet and the fee will be removed. But after some time lost the full amount.

Because the owners of the Scam with this information can do the following:

to sell information to the deep web to hack accounts

And can break as Qiwi and any other account, details of which were taken in hand.

And if You are so naive to believe that will not reply to SMS and somewhere to type them. Here's the bummer, there are resources to intercept SMS messages, which for a fee can be used by any person.

So the Internet, try not to Shine your data, especially on questionable sites.

that's it. I hope this information You anything helps.

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